The Ultimate Men's Guide To Getting Your Hair Cut!

men's hairstyle guide

K fellas, I've sat in the barber's chair long enough and listening to conversations from the next chair over where the barber asks "What are you looking for today?" and you reply, "I dunno, just a trim I guess". You need to stop this and stop now because you'll continue to leave the shop with that same round hair cut that does nothing for face or your confidence. There's nothing better then the feeling of a fresh cut that's done properly. So I made it easy with 5 styles and what to say to your barber to get them done right!


hairstyles for men fade

Your fool proof hair style to ask for at your barber is a 'fade'. Think military meets modern pompadour. Basically it's clipped on the sides and back of your head on an angle so it's the shortest at your ears and longest where it meets the top portion of your hair. One thing you DO NOT want to do is clipper it yourself or ask your friend to do it. If I see another moron (like the hair pictured above) where the hair is clipped at a short length all the way around I'll literally freak the fuck out. It looks dumb. It looks like someone shat on your head. If you have this style you likely don't see the back of your head much...and it looks stupid, so grow it out and fix it. It's called a 'fade' for a reason. It's my go to hair style and this is exactly what I tell to my barbers, "I want a fade starting a level 2 (referring to the length of hair the clippers are set to trim at) and faded up to a 4 with a 1/4 of an inch trim on top. And I want a natural neck line but cleaned up". Not so hard is it ;). But trust me It looks good. And check out how it looks on Ryan Reynolds. Aim for that and you're golden.


hairstyles for men shaggy

We all went through that 'I'm growing my hair out' faze. If you haven't been able to master a style that works great for you or your not a surfer then chop it. You can keep some shaggy aspects like some bangs (see Ashton) but get it cut. Let your barber or hairdresser know you want to keep some shaggy texture on the top but want the sides and back trimmed so it looks clean and manageable. You'll also need some product to keep from going puffy or frizzy. A little mild hold pomade will do it. Easy!


hairstyles for men buzz cut

Buzz cuts can be hot on the right person. And sometimes they are required for your job but there's a way to accentuate your face with a buzz cut and that's by following the 'fade' hair style as mentioned above. Ask your barber (not your friend because your friend can NOT do this...unless your friend is a barber) to buzz your head but start with the clippers at a level 1 and fade up to 3. The top can also be a 3 or 4 depending on what your barber suggests. See Colton Haynes above for an example, it's pretty sleek.


hairstyles for men trim

If you go to get your hair cut and all you can muster to say is "just a trim" then you'll leave with just a trim. It's boring, shapeless and isn't doing anything for you. Be a man and tell your barber that you'd like to start getting your hair to look better and he/she will help you grow it out in places and trim it in other places. If you have a profesh job that requires profresh hair then model it after Mr. Clooney. The sides are neat, angular and accentuate his face shape. The top is tidy and sleek. You can do this, I know you can. You can even get your barber to cut it so it only can part in one direction (it's what I do, and It's super easy to manage). Just get a pomade with a medium hold to style it with your fingers and it'll be this good, really. 


hairstyles for men curly

I have a few friends with curly hair and it can get out of control without a trip to your barber every 4 to 6 weeks. Just because your hair is curly doesn't mean you can just 'let it go' or use the excuse 'it's curly...I can't do anything with it'. You can, and you will. It's called getting a good cut and using some product to shape and hold your curls. The proper cut for curls can make you look super hot. See David Gandy above for inspiration. Ask your barber to leave some length on the top so your curls can take shape and have some depth. Clean up the sides and back with a trim so the top of your head can really showcase your awesome locks. Do this and I promise you won't look like a douche with a curly bowl on his head like the guy above.

Need some help with some styling products? Here's some to keep an eye out for: