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how to shave your back

My relationship with body hair began the day I first started to sprout it in grade 8. And that was the day I promptly began removing it. Eventually when teenage years caught up and hair began to grow everywhere I knew I couldn't keep up. Every hair, including peach fuzz, bothered me so I began getting my entire upper waxed at age 16. I continued to do this for 8 years but the pain and the irritated skin didn't get any better. Eventually I moved on to try laser hair removal which wasn't easy on the wallet. The process was just as painful (imagine the feeling of a little sewing machine slowly moving across your body) but the the good news was it resulted in less irritation and a slightly longer period of time before hair grew back. The laser technician told me that the process for men is much lengthier because male body hair is more dense and deep. Ten painful sessions over the course of 3 years resulted in finer and softer hair but still lots of it. It was becoming too expensive (it can cost thousands) to make it a life time commitment so eventually I had to stop.

man groomer 2

I flip flopped between random wax appointments after that but made the decision to use clippers to maintain body hair on a bi-weekly basis. If you've tried to clip your own back with a beard trimmer or clippers you'll know that it's almost impossible. I learned over time that my arms are more flexible then I thought but certain areas were left patchy and out of reach. I needed to find a solution that I'd be happy with and finally I discovered the Man Groomer Lithium Max Back Shaver. 

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When I opened the box and saw the packaging I immediately thought two things: This thing is genius and it totally looks like a modern version of a Tonka Truck accessory! I read over the manual and found it super straight forward. There's a head for trimming longer hair and one for shaving hair at skin level. Both heads have a base that move so it can travel easier across the contours of your back. In the middle of the device there is an adjustable joint that can be rotated at angles and locked in to place to make it easier for reaching areas of your back. It also has an extendable arm for extra reach! I was really impressed at the power it has but if you feel you need a little extra juice there's a power boost button which revs it up. 

If I've missed a few weeks of manscaping I start by going over my back by using the trimmer head. I follow that by using the shaving head all over until it looks like all hair is gone. It really does an amazing job at reaching all areas of your back and It only takes a few minutes. If you can handle this process every couple weeks then you're golden!

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I was also sent the Man Groomer Lithium Max Body Groomer. One end of the tool has seven settings so you can choose the length of hair you'd like trimmed. If you're like me and use a clipper to trim body hair you know that multi lengths look best. I use a level 4 all over my chest and gradually work my way up to a level 2 where my hair stops at my collarbone. I use a level 2 on my stomach as well and on my legs and thighs I use a level 3 all over. Yes, I'm THAT routined when it comes to body hair maintenance. Do I love the Body Groomer? No, but I like it. I find the adjustable levels to be a bit loose as they are only connected on one side of the device. I also didn't find it could keep up with the speed of my hand going over my body so in some areas it skipped some hair. But I realize that it's liklely my problem with patience but I have other clippers that can keep up. Will I give the Body Groomer more changes to thrive? Absolutely, I believe in second chances. And it looks pretty sleek on my bathroom counter when it's propped up in its holder!

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The real star of this article is the Back Hair Shaver. It's awesome and I'm extremely grateful I stumbled upon it online and got the chance to experience it. It has become, what I think will be, my permanent solution to hair removal. Finally!

Have questions or comments about the Man Groomer Back Hair Shaver? Let me know in the comments below and I'm happy to answer!