Graydon Skin Care

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First off, I'll start off by saying these products are for both women and men. When I first heard about the brand I immediately thought how guys would love them and for the purposes of this post I'm going to focus on products I think men will like. The packaging is simple, straight forward, and has a touch of masculinity. I had the chance to sit down with Graydon to discuss her line and get my hands on the products. I was really impressed with the research and ingredients Graydon uses, she really considers green beauty and health benefits of the ingredients in her products. In terms of price, I would say Graydon Skin Care is more on the luxury side and I know you'll definitely find something here at you'll like!

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I find myself reaching for this one the most. I use a moisturizer every morning and The Putty is really hydrating and has a nice light scent of essential oils. My nose picks up a slight lavender scent when I apply it. It's packed with healing ingredients like vitamin c, grape seed, chamomile, lavender, and aloe vera so it boasts helping to alleviate problems from eczema, psoriasis, rosacea.



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The All Over Face + Body Lotion has a lighter scent than The Putty (so it's a good option if you don't like a heavy smell). It's packed with oils from coconut, avocado, grape seed, olive, jojoba, and sunflower. It's a good option if you want a lotion that works all over the body instead of using two separate products. It would work great for traveling too to save room in your shaving kit.




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Face Food Mineral Mist
is a clear, scent free mist that contains copper (to help the production of collagen), silver (to kill bacteria), and zinc (to decrease inflammation). I have been spritzing my face after cleansing and moisturizing with it. I haven't been using it long enough to see the benefits yet but it definitely feels refreshing when you spray it on your face.




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The Cleanse
r is a scent free, silky, natural product that contains aloe vera, coconut oil, vitamin e, and other oils. Over the last 10 years I've gotten used to using cleansers that leave my skin feeling dry and tight. I tried The Cleanser and it left my skin more hydrated which was a nice feeling. I've been using it with a Clarisonic for extra exfoliation. On my face particularly I like to use cleansers that contain tea tree oil, I've been using them for almost 20 years, so I'll need to keep experimenting with The Cleanser in order get over my fear of venturing away from tea tree oil products. I have however noticed my skin has a nice natural glow from using The Cleanser so a switch might be easier than I thought.

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Based on the name I thought Hair Smoothie would smell like berries, but nope, it smells like parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme! The smell is not what I'd expect in a shampoo but it was oddly refreshing in the shower. It has the consistency of a 2 in 1 and don't be fooled by the minimal foam when you lather. Foaminess is useless to the cleansing process so expect it to feel almost like a conditioner on your hair but leaving it cleansed and soft.

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If you are a body wash fan you'll like this. I've tried for years to enjoy a body wash but I will forever be a soap person. The All Over Soap & Shampoo has an herbal scent and is plant based and includes coconut oil. It's also safe to use in lakes and oceans so if you are a cottage goer and want to enjoy a shower in nature then this is something you can throw in your weekender bag.




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Eau Pour Garcons is a non-toxic spray used to target smelly things men have (think running shoes, gym bag, hockey gear). It has a nice scent of essential oils and a slight citrus smell. I've only tried it on running shoes (that are older and probably too far gone to see any results) and it left them with a fresh scent. The formula includes ingredients that combat germs so it's not just a fragrance but a bacteria eliminator as well. I'll need to try it on a newer item to see if the effects are long lasting.

I'm really impressed by this line and I think it'll become a permanent fixture in my bathroom, especially The Putty! Have has anyone tried it? If you want to explore more of the line, click HERE!

A little update: I've gotten to know all the products really well and my favorite is The Serum! I use it daily as a moisturizer instead of a cream. I find it helps my skin breathe better. Check it out by clicking on the image below!