The Best Lip Balms for Men

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This post is about a year in the making. My stock pile (aka hoarder's stash) of lip balms is crazy big. And with the recent class action lawsuit against EOS I figured now is a good time as ever to write about my favourite lip balms! The goal was to stop using lip balms that have medicinal ingredients (some are good, some are bad) and it was a bit of a struggle at first to try and get that same soothing and cooling feeling like good ole Blistex gives you. But over time it gets easier to adapt to all natural ingredients on your lips and in the long run it's better. Here goes!


best lip balm  pure + simple

If you like a balm that's less stiff then normal you'll like Pure + Simple's lip balm. It's softer so it glides on super easy and has very slight shine. 


best lip balm nova scotia fisherman

Nova Scotia Fisherman is a line of sea kelp based products and they carry a lip balm that scent is super light (slight citrus, slight herbal, slight coconut) but it's totally fine for a guy who doesn't like much of a smell. The packaging resembles a small pill bottle and is wider than a regular lip balm so it's great for quick coverage. Everyone that sees me with it always asks what it is.


best lip balm john masters organics

John Masters Organics Lip Balm glides on super great and lasts on your lips. Easy as that. It's good. It's listed at scent free buy has a very mild citrus scent which I like.  

best lip balm honest co

Honest Co sells a three pack of organic lip balms and one of them is scent free. It applies well and has staying power. There's also a lavender scented one which is nice. The packaging is not really masculine but perhaps you can piggy back on an order your girlfriend/mother/good friend with kids might be placing!


best lip balm herbivore botanicals

My favorite lip balm that isn't in a normal bullet type tube is Herbivore's Mint Lip Butter. It leaves your lips fully moisturized and minty fresh. This 1 oz container will last forever! This one lives on my bedside table and I used it every night before I go to sleep!


best lip balm avene

My favourite balm for sensitive skin/lips is Avene Care for Sensitive Lips. It's not manly packaging at all but luckily it'll spend most of its life in your pocket until you need it! It's super soft, mild and scent free. It has an angled applicator too which I like.


best lip balm burts bees

My favourite all around is Burt's Bees Lip Balm with Vitamin E & Peppermint. This is the lip balm I usually grab first when I'm rushing out the door in the morning. It's super dependable, reasonably priced and efficient.

best lip balm sw basics

My very close second it could even be a tie) is SW Basics Peppermint Lip Balm. It only has 4 ingredients and it has a lot of peppermint essential oil in it so it gives me that tingle I love like I used to get from using Blistex. That along could bump this up to the top spot!


And finally my least favourite is L'Oreal Paris Men Expert Comfort Max Lip Balm. The ingredients list isn't written on the tube but I would guess it has a high wax content. When it's applied it literally just sits on top of your lips like a thin film and then before you know it your lips are dry again. Bummer.