My Weekend Essentials For Spring!

s'well bottle petal and post

Now that spring is here I've been motivated to dust off the ole weekend bag and head out on city adventures! Here's what I've been carrying around!  

S'well Bottle

This winter I made an effort to drink more water every day to keep my skin hydrated and healthy. I found it a bit daunting and found myself refilling my to-go coffee cup which eventually breaks down and warps with repeated tap refills. As a way to stay motivated I got a S'well bottle and I've been loving it! Their unique designs are super sleek and the bottles can keep water warm and cold for 24 hours!

s'well bottle petal and post

Shiseido Ultra Sun Protection Lotion 

This unscented and sensitive skin formula applies amazingly. And for an SPF of 50 it applies with no white residue. It's my first venture in to an SPF higher than 30 and I think it's a keeper!

shiseido sensitive sunscreen

Herbivore Mint Lip Butter 

Anything with a mint scent and I'm sold so this Lip Butter is an extra special treat. The balm is all natural and contains shea butter, peppermint oil and vitamin e oil and it leaves your lips fully moisturized and minty fresh. An added bonus is it comes in a 1 oz container so it'll last forever! It lives on my bedside table!

herbivore mint lip butter

Graydon Eau Pour Garcons

Eau Pour Garcons is a non toxic spray that refreshes and kills germs. You can literally use it on everything. For me, it lives in my gym bag so I can spray it in my running shoes after a work out. If I'm in a rush after the gym I'll spray it on my hands to ward off gym equipment germs. Other uses could be your car, sports equipment, lockers, or even as a bathroom spray. The scent is a bit citrusy with a touch of mint so guys will like it. 

graydon skincare eau pour garcons

Perk Natural Lip Scrub 

This citrus scented coarse sugar works to exfoliate and gently scrub your lips leaving them soft. If you get a few grains of sugar in your mouth it tastes pretty good too! 

perk naturals lip scrub

Hastings Barbershop Pomade 

This one is a Toronto exclusive (so exclusive there isn't even a photo for it!)! Available at the two Hastings's locations, their pomade has super pure and clean ingredients and is scented with that old fashioned barbershop smell. It has a medium hold that still let's your hair have some non-structured character with low shine. 

Bose Earbuds

After using Bose Earbuds it'll be hard to go back to the pair that's included with apple products. They are super comfortable and have a soft rubber insert that tucks in to your ear for extra support so they won't fall out. I'm obsessed with them! Bose has incredible customer support and service too.

bose earbuds

RISE Kombucha 

Kombucha has become my recent obsession and occasional treat. Their lemongrass flavour is my favourite! Kombucha has been linked to improved digestion, increased energy, immune support and general cleansing and detoxification. Yummy!

RISE kombucha lemongrass

Enjoy the weekend y'all!  


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