Axe Launches White Label

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The makers behind the famous Axe Body Sprays have released a new line of products called Axe White Label. The fellas will find in the line a body wash, shampoo/conditioner combo, cleanser, face cream, an antiperspirant stick, and a dry spray. I got to try out some of the line and here's what I thought so far!

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Axe White Label Dry Spray - Antiperspirant Spray ($5.99)
When Axe's PR company asked me to try the antiperspirants I was a little hesitant. I never use them on a daily basis because I don't perspire enough to use a product that inhibits sweating. Also, using something that is aluminium-based scares me and Axe Dry Spray does contain aluminum that meet Health Canada guidelines. A number of countries including Canada classify antiperspirants as cosmetics (the United States classifies them as a drug interestingly), so that's a little reassuring. If you'd like more information on Health Canada's product assessment of antiperspirants you can click here. Based on this info antiperspirants are deemed 'safe' so if you like'em, use'em. Now, here's what I thought haha. It was my first time using a spray and I was really surprised at how dry they go on, there's no dampness at all. The packaging is pretty sleek too with the trigger appearing with a turn of the bottle's cap. I got to try the scents in Night and Air. Air has notes of lemon, ginger, coconut, and sandalwood. Night has notes of grapefruit, lavender, cedar wood, and praline. They sound like they could smell a bit girly but they are pretty damn masculine and Night is by far the best of the two. It's a scent I could really see myself using every day. 

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The PR company also snuck in to the package the Night scented antiperspirant stick (not the spray) and call me old fashioned but that one I really like. I play a lot of sports, work out, run, and have busy work days and it really lasts..for real. In the end, do I think I'm going to stick with an antiperspirant? No. I just don't need it, a deodorant works fine for me. But I will say that when I know I'm going to be playing back to back softball games or sweating my ass off at weddings this summer I will keep the Night scented stick handy.


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Axe White Label Body Wash and 
Axe White Label Shampoo + Conditioner

The body wash in Night scent lives up to the smell, it's nice. It comes out of the bottle in a rich dark purple colour which is fun and then disappears as it foams and lathers. As a guy who has grown up using (Dove) soap instead of body wash everyday I wouldn't switch now but it was worth the experience and worth the smell. The shampoo + conditioner in Night scent had a little twist I wasn't expecting. The product came out bright green and had a slight green apple scent which is a huge departure from the other products that share the scent's name. Mind you, it was a really nice smell and I think I would use it again if I had to. It was a nice surprise to have another scent but now I'm super curious why they did it though? I shall enquire! 

If you have a comment about deodorant vs. antiperspirant or if you've tried the White Label line feel free to write below!