FOUNTAIN Beauty Supplies


The beauty brand DECIEM has introduced a revolutionary new beauty product from Europe to the Canadian market. FOUNTAIN, an elixir focused on enhancing the body from the inside out, contains ingredients beneficial for specific parts of the body. Together they work by supporting natural moisture retention and supplying nutrients to cells. Below, I'm going to focus on their elxirs that are great for the fellas!


The Geek Molecule focuses on strengthening the brain and overall mental health with American Ginseng, Zinc, Schizandra and Gotu Kola

The newest supplement for head to toe gorgeous skin is the Glow Molecule containing R-Glutathione, a superior antioxidant naturally found in the body. By reviving low levels of this antioxidant, skin becomes brighter and effortlessly more radiant

This Phyto-Collagen mixture contains wild phytoplankton and hyaluronic acid to boost existing collagen levels in the body and encourage new growth, bringing a more youthful and plump appearance to the skin.


A super dose of dark leafy greens; the Super Green Molecule has alfalfa chlorophyll and kelp to bring a continuous stream of energy to the bloodstream through heightened red blood cell counts and oxygen levels. In addition to the known health benefits of these greens, increased oxygen levels also help to purge impurities from the cardiovascular system and detox the body.

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