Health Summit 2016

If you're a fella and live in Toronto there's a great health summit happening tomorrow night! Engage your man power. Join the movement.  And bonus...there's beer and snacks!

RSVP for our annual Men's Health Summit
Nov. 5th 6pm-9pm


Dr. Marc Bubbs: Nutrition and Diet
Greg Hum: I Almost Died
Ben Dussault: Primal Connection
Djahi Clement Ahoua: Art of Conversation
Kevin Thorne: Work-Life Balance
Dr. Mehran Tabrizi: Brain and Behavior 

MC: Nicky Bruno 

50% of all donations to support Prostate Cancer Canada
Beer & Snacks
46 Sherbourne St, Toronto, ON M5A 2P7

More info here:

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Got2B - So Cheap. So Good

got2b glued

Recently I got to play with some of the men's products from Got2B. It's such a good price and it holds literally. You need to shampoo it out it's so strong. Here's a quick look at how to use some of the products.

got2b glued

Try Got2B Glued for a super pliable (though it stiffens fast so be quick while styling!) for a dry finish. It'll hold all day!

got2b glued hairspray

Use a little hair spray to keep your hair in place and lock down fly-aways. Got2B Glued Blasting Freeze Hairspray is super strong and long lasting.

got2b glued

Mix some Got2B Glued on your finger tips and apply lightly to your hair. Then pull pieces of your hair in a slight twisting motion to get the messy yet structured look


My Weekend Essentials For Spring!

s'well bottle petal and post

Now that spring is here I've been motivated to dust off the ole weekend bag and head out on city adventures! Here's what I've been carrying around!  

S'well Bottle

This winter I made an effort to drink more water every day to keep my skin hydrated and healthy. I found it a bit daunting and found myself refilling my to-go coffee cup which eventually breaks down and warps with repeated tap refills. As a way to stay motivated I got a S'well bottle and I've been loving it! Their unique designs are super sleek and the bottles can keep water warm and cold for 24 hours!

s'well bottle petal and post

Shiseido Ultra Sun Protection Lotion 

This unscented and sensitive skin formula applies amazingly. And for an SPF of 50 it applies with no white residue. It's my first venture in to an SPF higher than 30 and I think it's a keeper!

shiseido sensitive sunscreen

Herbivore Mint Lip Butter 

Anything with a mint scent and I'm sold so this Lip Butter is an extra special treat. The balm is all natural and contains shea butter, peppermint oil and vitamin e oil and it leaves your lips fully moisturized and minty fresh. An added bonus is it comes in a 1 oz container so it'll last forever! It lives on my bedside table!

herbivore mint lip butter

Graydon Eau Pour Garcons

Eau Pour Garcons is a non toxic spray that refreshes and kills germs. You can literally use it on everything. For me, it lives in my gym bag so I can spray it in my running shoes after a work out. If I'm in a rush after the gym I'll spray it on my hands to ward off gym equipment germs. Other uses could be your car, sports equipment, lockers, or even as a bathroom spray. The scent is a bit citrusy with a touch of mint so guys will like it. 

graydon skincare eau pour garcons

Perk Natural Lip Scrub 

This citrus scented coarse sugar works to exfoliate and gently scrub your lips leaving them soft. If you get a few grains of sugar in your mouth it tastes pretty good too! 

perk naturals lip scrub

Hastings Barbershop Pomade 

This one is a Toronto exclusive (so exclusive there isn't even a photo for it!)! Available at the two Hastings's locations, their pomade has super pure and clean ingredients and is scented with that old fashioned barbershop smell. It has a medium hold that still let's your hair have some non-structured character with low shine. 

Bose Earbuds

After using Bose Earbuds it'll be hard to go back to the pair that's included with apple products. They are super comfortable and have a soft rubber insert that tucks in to your ear for extra support so they won't fall out. I'm obsessed with them! Bose has incredible customer support and service too.

bose earbuds

RISE Kombucha 

Kombucha has become my recent obsession and occasional treat. Their lemongrass flavour is my favourite! Kombucha has been linked to improved digestion, increased energy, immune support and general cleansing and detoxification. Yummy!

RISE kombucha lemongrass

Enjoy the weekend y'all!  


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My Current Fave Products For Men!

beauty products for men

Though I'm totally open to trying new things, I'm a creature of habit and when I find something I like I stick to it (until something else is good enough to replace it haha).

Here are my current products that men should really get in to using.

charcoal konjac sponge

Bamboo Charcoal Konjac Sponges

I'll admit that I'm not the best at body exfoliation, but this little sponge has come in handy. Konjac comes from the root of a plant and it's processed and moulded in to different shapes. Bamboo and charcoal are added during the process which help with absorbing extra debris on the skin and they act as a natural antibacterial agent. 


graydon eau pour garcons

Graydon Eau Pour Garcons

Eau Pour Garcons is a non toxic spray that refreshes and kills germs. You can literally use it on everything. For me, it lives in my gym bag so I can spray it in my running shoes after a work out. If I'm in a rush after the gym I'll spray it on my hands to ward off gym equipment germs. Other uses could be your car, sports equipment, lockers, or even as a bathroom spray. The scent is a bit citrusy with a touch of mint so guys will like it.


ducray neoptide hair lotion

Ducray Neoptide Hair Lotion

This preventive hair loss spray has 2 active ingredients that do 3 actions. The actives’ threefold efficacy leads to normalization of the hair cycle, thus curbing hair loss and delaying complete hair loss. I have a small patch of hair on my forehead hair line that has thinned out over the years. I wanted to find something that might promote that hair to thicken or grow back. I've been using Ducray for almost 2 months and haven't seen any results yet, but I'm hopeful as the bottle says it can take 3 months (or the use of a whole bottle which lasts 3 months). 


joico tint shot

Joico Tint Shot Root Concealer

When I first noticed the small patch of thin hair in my hair line I hunted for a product that would immediately help hide my small patch of hair that creates a small gap in my hair line. I discovered Tint Shot through Joico's PR company. The aerosol can delivers a shot of micro pigments that conceal roots instantly. I experimented with it on my hair line by taking one square of toilet paper, folding it in half and pressing it against my hair line. I then spray 2 or 3 times on my thin patch and I was really happy with the results. I have medium dark brown hair and I use the light brown colour so it looks more like a shadow effect instead of a harsh dark line like the dark brown colour gave me. I'm hooked.  

kevin muprhy night rider

Kevin Murphy Night.Rider

For fellas looking for the ultimate hair care product (and willing to spend a little extra on good hair) let me introduce Kevin Murphy Night.Rider! It's a matte textured paste with strong hold. Good for those, like me, who want a constructed messy look with no shine. It's best when applied just before hair completely drys after a shower.

Tonka Toys For Big Boys

how to shave your back

My relationship with body hair began the day I first started to sprout it in grade 8. And that was the day I promptly began removing it. Eventually when teenage years caught up and hair began to grow everywhere I knew I couldn't keep up. Every hair, including peach fuzz, bothered me so I began getting my entire upper waxed at age 16. I continued to do this for 8 years but the pain and the irritated skin didn't get any better. Eventually I moved on to try laser hair removal which wasn't easy on the wallet. The process was just as painful (imagine the feeling of a little sewing machine slowly moving across your body) but the the good news was it resulted in less irritation and a slightly longer period of time before hair grew back. The laser technician told me that the process for men is much lengthier because male body hair is more dense and deep. Ten painful sessions over the course of 3 years resulted in finer and softer hair but still lots of it. It was becoming too expensive (it can cost thousands) to make it a life time commitment so eventually I had to stop.

man groomer 2

I flip flopped between random wax appointments after that but made the decision to use clippers to maintain body hair on a bi-weekly basis. If you've tried to clip your own back with a beard trimmer or clippers you'll know that it's almost impossible. I learned over time that my arms are more flexible then I thought but certain areas were left patchy and out of reach. I needed to find a solution that I'd be happy with and finally I discovered the Man Groomer Lithium Max Back Shaver. 

man groomer 3

When I opened the box and saw the packaging I immediately thought two things: This thing is genius and it totally looks like a modern version of a Tonka Truck accessory! I read over the manual and found it super straight forward. There's a head for trimming longer hair and one for shaving hair at skin level. Both heads have a base that move so it can travel easier across the contours of your back. In the middle of the device there is an adjustable joint that can be rotated at angles and locked in to place to make it easier for reaching areas of your back. It also has an extendable arm for extra reach! I was really impressed at the power it has but if you feel you need a little extra juice there's a power boost button which revs it up. 

If I've missed a few weeks of manscaping I start by going over my back by using the trimmer head. I follow that by using the shaving head all over until it looks like all hair is gone. It really does an amazing job at reaching all areas of your back and It only takes a few minutes. If you can handle this process every couple weeks then you're golden!

man groomer 4

I was also sent the Man Groomer Lithium Max Body Groomer. One end of the tool has seven settings so you can choose the length of hair you'd like trimmed. If you're like me and use a clipper to trim body hair you know that multi lengths look best. I use a level 4 all over my chest and gradually work my way up to a level 2 where my hair stops at my collarbone. I use a level 2 on my stomach as well and on my legs and thighs I use a level 3 all over. Yes, I'm THAT routined when it comes to body hair maintenance. Do I love the Body Groomer? No, but I like it. I find the adjustable levels to be a bit loose as they are only connected on one side of the device. I also didn't find it could keep up with the speed of my hand going over my body so in some areas it skipped some hair. But I realize that it's liklely my problem with patience but I have other clippers that can keep up. Will I give the Body Groomer more changes to thrive? Absolutely, I believe in second chances. And it looks pretty sleek on my bathroom counter when it's propped up in its holder!

man groomer 6

The real star of this article is the Back Hair Shaver. It's awesome and I'm extremely grateful I stumbled upon it online and got the chance to experience it. It has become, what I think will be, my permanent solution to hair removal. Finally!

Have questions or comments about the Man Groomer Back Hair Shaver? Let me know in the comments below and I'm happy to answer!


The Best Lip Balms for Men

lip balm, best organic lip balm, lip balm for men, eos class action law suit, eos lawsuit, men

This post is about a year in the making. My stock pile (aka hoarder's stash) of lip balms is crazy big. And with the recent class action lawsuit against EOS I figured now is a good time as ever to write about my favourite lip balms! The goal was to stop using lip balms that have medicinal ingredients (some are good, some are bad) and it was a bit of a struggle at first to try and get that same soothing and cooling feeling like good ole Blistex gives you. But over time it gets easier to adapt to all natural ingredients on your lips and in the long run it's better. Here goes!


best lip balm  pure + simple

If you like a balm that's less stiff then normal you'll like Pure + Simple's lip balm. It's softer so it glides on super easy and has very slight shine. 


best lip balm nova scotia fisherman

Nova Scotia Fisherman is a line of sea kelp based products and they carry a lip balm that scent is super light (slight citrus, slight herbal, slight coconut) but it's totally fine for a guy who doesn't like much of a smell. The packaging resembles a small pill bottle and is wider than a regular lip balm so it's great for quick coverage. Everyone that sees me with it always asks what it is.


best lip balm john masters organics

John Masters Organics Lip Balm glides on super great and lasts on your lips. Easy as that. It's good. It's listed at scent free buy has a very mild citrus scent which I like.  

best lip balm honest co

Honest Co sells a three pack of organic lip balms and one of them is scent free. It applies well and has staying power. There's also a lavender scented one which is nice. The packaging is not really masculine but perhaps you can piggy back on an order your girlfriend/mother/good friend with kids might be placing!


best lip balm herbivore botanicals

My favorite lip balm that isn't in a normal bullet type tube is Herbivore's Mint Lip Butter. It leaves your lips fully moisturized and minty fresh. This 1 oz container will last forever! This one lives on my bedside table and I used it every night before I go to sleep!


best lip balm avene

My favourite balm for sensitive skin/lips is Avene Care for Sensitive Lips. It's not manly packaging at all but luckily it'll spend most of its life in your pocket until you need it! It's super soft, mild and scent free. It has an angled applicator too which I like.


best lip balm burts bees

My favourite all around is Burt's Bees Lip Balm with Vitamin E & Peppermint. This is the lip balm I usually grab first when I'm rushing out the door in the morning. It's super dependable, reasonably priced and efficient.

best lip balm sw basics

My very close second it could even be a tie) is SW Basics Peppermint Lip Balm. It only has 4 ingredients and it has a lot of peppermint essential oil in it so it gives me that tingle I love like I used to get from using Blistex. That along could bump this up to the top spot!


And finally my least favourite is L'Oreal Paris Men Expert Comfort Max Lip Balm. The ingredients list isn't written on the tube but I would guess it has a high wax content. When it's applied it literally just sits on top of your lips like a thin film and then before you know it your lips are dry again. Bummer.

The Ultimate Men's Guide To Getting Your Hair Cut!

men's hairstyle guide

K fellas, I've sat in the barber's chair long enough and listening to conversations from the next chair over where the barber asks "What are you looking for today?" and you reply, "I dunno, just a trim I guess". You need to stop this and stop now because you'll continue to leave the shop with that same round hair cut that does nothing for face or your confidence. There's nothing better then the feeling of a fresh cut that's done properly. So I made it easy with 5 styles and what to say to your barber to get them done right!


hairstyles for men fade

Your fool proof hair style to ask for at your barber is a 'fade'. Think military meets modern pompadour. Basically it's clipped on the sides and back of your head on an angle so it's the shortest at your ears and longest where it meets the top portion of your hair. One thing you DO NOT want to do is clipper it yourself or ask your friend to do it. If I see another moron (like the hair pictured above) where the hair is clipped at a short length all the way around I'll literally freak the fuck out. It looks dumb. It looks like someone shat on your head. If you have this style you likely don't see the back of your head much...and it looks stupid, so grow it out and fix it. It's called a 'fade' for a reason. It's my go to hair style and this is exactly what I tell to my barbers, "I want a fade starting a level 2 (referring to the length of hair the clippers are set to trim at) and faded up to a 4 with a 1/4 of an inch trim on top. And I want a natural neck line but cleaned up". Not so hard is it ;). But trust me It looks good. And check out how it looks on Ryan Reynolds. Aim for that and you're golden.


hairstyles for men shaggy

We all went through that 'I'm growing my hair out' faze. If you haven't been able to master a style that works great for you or your not a surfer then chop it. You can keep some shaggy aspects like some bangs (see Ashton) but get it cut. Let your barber or hairdresser know you want to keep some shaggy texture on the top but want the sides and back trimmed so it looks clean and manageable. You'll also need some product to keep from going puffy or frizzy. A little mild hold pomade will do it. Easy!


hairstyles for men buzz cut

Buzz cuts can be hot on the right person. And sometimes they are required for your job but there's a way to accentuate your face with a buzz cut and that's by following the 'fade' hair style as mentioned above. Ask your barber (not your friend because your friend can NOT do this...unless your friend is a barber) to buzz your head but start with the clippers at a level 1 and fade up to 3. The top can also be a 3 or 4 depending on what your barber suggests. See Colton Haynes above for an example, it's pretty sleek.


hairstyles for men trim

If you go to get your hair cut and all you can muster to say is "just a trim" then you'll leave with just a trim. It's boring, shapeless and isn't doing anything for you. Be a man and tell your barber that you'd like to start getting your hair to look better and he/she will help you grow it out in places and trim it in other places. If you have a profesh job that requires profresh hair then model it after Mr. Clooney. The sides are neat, angular and accentuate his face shape. The top is tidy and sleek. You can do this, I know you can. You can even get your barber to cut it so it only can part in one direction (it's what I do, and It's super easy to manage). Just get a pomade with a medium hold to style it with your fingers and it'll be this good, really. 


hairstyles for men curly

I have a few friends with curly hair and it can get out of control without a trip to your barber every 4 to 6 weeks. Just because your hair is curly doesn't mean you can just 'let it go' or use the excuse 'it's curly...I can't do anything with it'. You can, and you will. It's called getting a good cut and using some product to shape and hold your curls. The proper cut for curls can make you look super hot. See David Gandy above for inspiration. Ask your barber to leave some length on the top so your curls can take shape and have some depth. Clean up the sides and back with a trim so the top of your head can really showcase your awesome locks. Do this and I promise you won't look like a douche with a curly bowl on his head like the guy above.

Need some help with some styling products? Here's some to keep an eye out for:

FORMEN Launches A New Product!

houseofformen, makeup for men, dragon's den, formen makeup, formen

A little while back I reviewed FORMEN's line of products for men (click HERE to read it). The stand out product for me was the colour wheel pictured bottom left in the photo. FORMEN just released a concealer wheel to join their line up for manly makeup. If you're a fella who is considering a concealer, the wheel great as it comes with three colors so you can use just one that works of your skin or mix them to match your tone. If you're new to makeup or want to explore then the brand is a great option. Packaging is discreet, the line is stream lined and the ingredients are pretty clean. Check'er out here:

Movember Moustache Perfection

l'occitane logo titsup blog

Every time Movember rolls around it totally feels like I'm reliving the 80's when I'm walking around, those bushy moustaches are everywhere! Which is a great thing, by the way, because it's for an awesome cause to raise money for men's health including research into testicular cancer and prostate cancer. And for those who want to keep their 'staches looking' good, L'Occtaine has a great offer! Click on the below link to access and use code CADE at checkout!

(Please not that I am an affiliate of L'Occatine so when you make a purchase I receive a commission) 

TOM Toronto Men's Fashion Week - Hair Looks From The Runway

titsup blog tom toronto mens fashion week

Toronto Men's Fashion Week has kicked off this week! With the last line up of shows going on this evening, we've put together some of our favorite hair looks that have hit the runway so far!


  • We'll start by saying you need a good barber to get the proper fade on the sides of your head. If you're not sure what to ask for when you're in the barber's chair then ask for a fade on the sides starting on a level 2 clipper and fade up to a 4, your stylist will know exactly what to do after that!
  • For this look just run a medium hold pomade through your hair in the direction you like or in the direction your barber sets your part (on the model his part is on the left side). Try Triumph & Disaster's Coltrane Clay.
triumph & disaster, barbershop, hastings barbershop, crowsnets barbershop, tom fashion week, tom toronto men's fashion week, toronto fashion week, fashion week, runway, swam

Philippe Dubuc

  • If your hair is curly or wavy this is a great style for you - short on the sides and unstructured on the top. Start with a lotion that controls frizz and will help define the waves like Baxter of California's Grooming Lotion. Use your fingers to tousle it in to place and let your damp hair dry.
  • Use a little hairspray to keep it all in in place once dry. Try Bedhead For Men.


bedhead hairspray, hairspray for men, baxter of california, philippe dubuc, tom fashion week, tom toronto men's fashion week, toronto fashion week, fashion week, runway

Hip And Bone

  • If you prefer to keep your hair long make sure you're using something that won't make it bushy or fro-like. An easy way is to start with a mousse (I like Morrocan Oil's Volumizing Mousse) on damp hair.
  • After your hair drys a little use a sea salt spray like Evo Salty Dog Salt Spray and scrunch/tousle your hair a bit and let it dry for perfectly messy beachy hair.
hip and bone, morrocan oil, salty dog salt spray, evo, tom fashion week, tom toronto men's fashion week, toronto fashion week, fashion week, runway


  • For a structured pompadour you'll need a haircut to establish the shape. Once that's out of the way start with almost dry hair and apply a gel like Jack Black's Body Building Gel and work it in with your fingers. Use a comb to define your part and to sweep your hair upward and back. Focus extra strokes on your bangs to build height. If your hair is heavy or you like extra height, use a hair dryer on your damp hair first and blow dry upward, then use gel to hold it in place
  • Finish with a little hair spray to keep your hair in place and lock down fly-aways. Got2B Glued Blasting Freeze Hairspray is super strong and long lasting.
got2b, jack black hair, jack black for men, atelier guarin, tom fashion week, tom toronto men's fashion week, toronto fashion week, fashion week, runway

Runway photography by: Photographica by Maloney Aguirre

Hair Looks From New York's First Men's Fashion Week!

New York City hosted its first Men's Fashion Week this month! Here are some favorite hair looks from the collections made easy!

KAMATA By Garrett Neff
Start with dry hair then blow dry your bangs up for extra height. I LOVE my Toni&Guy hair dryer. I don't think they make the model I have shown any more but you can you buy the brand at supply stores and some pharmacy cosmetic aisles.
Next apply a pliable paste with medium hold in an upward motion to hold your hair in place. Try Kevin Murphy's brand new product Free.Hold!

new york city men's fashion week july 2015, mens hair styling, mens fashion trends, mfw, #mfw

Polo By Ralph Lauren
For an structured messy look start with dry or almost dry hair. Part your hair with a comb.
Use some gel like American Crew Light Hold and apply with your fingers upward and along your part and on the sides of your hair. Lighter gel works best so it's more tousled than hard. If you need a bit of hairspray to hold your bangs up go ahead!

new york city men's fashion week july 2015, mens hair styling, mens fashion trends, mfw, #mfw

Michael Kors
For a messy beachy look apply a beach spray like Bumble and Bumble's Surf Spray to give your hair texture on dry or almost dry hair. With your fingers create piecey junks of hair in the direction you want. Finish with a light hold hair spray like Aveda Witch Hazel Hair Spray to lock the look in place.

new york city men's fashion week july 2015, mens hair styling, mens fashion trends, mfw, #mfw

Thom Browne
For a super sleek parted look start with a fine tooth comb and part your slightly damp hair in the desired direction. Apply a styling gel that has a firm hold and shine like Pinaud Styling Gel. Then finish off by combing your hair in to place. It'll hold all day!

new york city men's fashion week july 2015, mens hair styling, mens fashion trends, mfw, #mfw

Men's Fashion Week - Milan - Hair How To

Milan Men's Fashion Week is happening RIGHT NOW! Here are some of our favorite hair styles (and how to achieve them easily) coming down the runway at the shows!

Calvin Klein Collection SS 2016

  • On air dried or blow dried hair shuffle or comb your hair in the desired direction you want
  • Apply a shine/frizz serum to control fly-aways and to add shine. Try TRESemme No Frizz, it's cheap and cheerful.
  • Use a pomade to keep hair in place by combing or using your fingers to tossle it in the direction you want. Pull a few random pieces from your bangs on to the forehead for an unstructured look. Lock them in to place with a little bit of product on the finger tips. My favorite is Kevin Murphy Night.Rider.
  • Finish with a bit of hairspray to keep the look in place. Try Bed Head Flexi Hold.
men's fashion week milan, kevin murphy night.rider, bed head flexi head, tresemme hair care no frizz

Versace SS 2016

  • Start with hair a little bit damp. Use a comb to create a part in your hair.
  • Apply a gel to your hair and use a comb to position your hair, Kiehl's makes a good one called Clean Hold Styling Gel. To build height in the front use the comb in an upward motion starting at the base of your bangs. Keep combing until you get the height/shape you want.
  • Lock the look in to place with hair spray and some shine spray if you like high shine. Try Paul Mitchell's Style Freeze and Shine to achieve both at once!
milan mens fashion week, kiehls clean hold styling gel, paul Mitchell shine spray

Marni SS 2016
LOVE this tousled look!

  • On hair that is almost dry apply a beach spray (or dry shampoo) to add texture to your hair. Kevin Murphy's Resort Spray works nicely.
  • Once your hair is dry apply a product with strong hold like Got2b's Spiking Glue, it's super strong! Mix the product on your finger tips and apply lightly to your hair. Then pull pieces of your hair in a slight twisting motion to get the messy yet structured look.
milan mens fashion week, kevin murphy hair resort spray, got2b glued spiking glue

Jil Sander - SS 2016
If you have wavy or curly hair this is a quick and easy way to enhance it!

  • On damp hair apply a small amount creme or a mousse in a scrunching motion (like Herbal Essences Curl Define & Hold Creme or Joico's Joiwhip Mousse). If you find your hair is too crunchy from a mousse then consider a creme. Using a mousse or creme will help define the curls as they dry.
  • Before your hair is dry apply a small amount of gel like Joico's Curl Definer Creme Gel also in a scrunching motion to hold your curls in place.
  • Once your hair is dry and you like it you can leave it alone. Do some final scrunching if you find your hair is too hard or a bit crunchy.
milan men's fashion week, joico curl definer, joice hair spray, herbal essences curl ehancher

Dirk Bikkembergs SS 2016

  • For an ultra sleek and shiny look start on lightly damp hair and run a pomade like Layrite's Ultra Shine through your hair.
  • Style it with your fingers or a wide tooth comb by combing it back for a larger sectioned sleek look!
milan men's fashion week, layrite, mens grooming, conair comb

Graydon Skin Care

graydon clinical luxury logo titsup

First off, I'll start off by saying these products are for both women and men. When I first heard about the brand I immediately thought how guys would love them and for the purposes of this post I'm going to focus on products I think men will like. The packaging is simple, straight forward, and has a touch of masculinity. I had the chance to sit down with Graydon to discuss her line and get my hands on the products. I was really impressed with the research and ingredients Graydon uses, she really considers green beauty and health benefits of the ingredients in her products. In terms of price, I would say Graydon Skin Care is more on the luxury side and I know you'll definitely find something here at you'll like!

graydon the putty titsup

I find myself reaching for this one the most. I use a moisturizer every morning and The Putty is really hydrating and has a nice light scent of essential oils. My nose picks up a slight lavender scent when I apply it. It's packed with healing ingredients like vitamin c, grape seed, chamomile, lavender, and aloe vera so it boasts helping to alleviate problems from eczema, psoriasis, rosacea.



graydon all over face and body titsup


The All Over Face + Body Lotion has a lighter scent than The Putty (so it's a good option if you don't like a heavy smell). It's packed with oils from coconut, avocado, grape seed, olive, jojoba, and sunflower. It's a good option if you want a lotion that works all over the body instead of using two separate products. It would work great for traveling too to save room in your shaving kit.




graydon face food titsup

Face Food Mineral Mist
is a clear, scent free mist that contains copper (to help the production of collagen), silver (to kill bacteria), and zinc (to decrease inflammation). I have been spritzing my face after cleansing and moisturizing with it. I haven't been using it long enough to see the benefits yet but it definitely feels refreshing when you spray it on your face.




graydon cleanser titsup

The Cleanse
r is a scent free, silky, natural product that contains aloe vera, coconut oil, vitamin e, and other oils. Over the last 10 years I've gotten used to using cleansers that leave my skin feeling dry and tight. I tried The Cleanser and it left my skin more hydrated which was a nice feeling. I've been using it with a Clarisonic for extra exfoliation. On my face particularly I like to use cleansers that contain tea tree oil, I've been using them for almost 20 years, so I'll need to keep experimenting with The Cleanser in order get over my fear of venturing away from tea tree oil products. I have however noticed my skin has a nice natural glow from using The Cleanser so a switch might be easier than I thought.

graydon hair smoothie titsup

Based on the name I thought Hair Smoothie would smell like berries, but nope, it smells like parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme! The smell is not what I'd expect in a shampoo but it was oddly refreshing in the shower. It has the consistency of a 2 in 1 and don't be fooled by the minimal foam when you lather. Foaminess is useless to the cleansing process so expect it to feel almost like a conditioner on your hair but leaving it cleansed and soft.

graydon all over soap titsup



If you are a body wash fan you'll like this. I've tried for years to enjoy a body wash but I will forever be a soap person. The All Over Soap & Shampoo has an herbal scent and is plant based and includes coconut oil. It's also safe to use in lakes and oceans so if you are a cottage goer and want to enjoy a shower in nature then this is something you can throw in your weekender bag.




graydon eau pour garcon titsup

Eau Pour Garcons is a non-toxic spray used to target smelly things men have (think running shoes, gym bag, hockey gear). It has a nice scent of essential oils and a slight citrus smell. I've only tried it on running shoes (that are older and probably too far gone to see any results) and it left them with a fresh scent. The formula includes ingredients that combat germs so it's not just a fragrance but a bacteria eliminator as well. I'll need to try it on a newer item to see if the effects are long lasting.

I'm really impressed by this line and I think it'll become a permanent fixture in my bathroom, especially The Putty! Have has anyone tried it? If you want to explore more of the line, click HERE!

A little update: I've gotten to know all the products really well and my favorite is The Serum! I use it daily as a moisturizer instead of a cream. I find it helps my skin breathe better. Check it out by clicking on the image below!

FORMEN - Skincare & Makeup For Men

formen, formen makeup, makeup for men, formen titsup

FORMEN is a Toronto based company that exclusively makes products for men. The line includes skincare and some 'essential' makeup items that a man will find convenient and easy to use.

formen, formen makeup, makeup for men, formen titsup

Below you'll find the products the brand offers and what I thought about them! I'll start with my favorite, the FORMEN Under Eye Concealer Palette. The wheel has three colors to cancel out under eye discoloration. Yellowy orange to cancel purple, green to cancel out redness, and purple to cancel out a yellowy skin tone. The colors sit on top of your skin and will counteract the color underneath. For me, the only color I use is the yellowy orange to remove the appearance of the purple blue color I have under my eyes from tiredness. Down the road I know I'll use the green to help reduce the color of a blemish perhaps. The concealer is easy to use. Just use a finger (I use my ring finger as it's the one that has the lightest touch) to pick up the product and apply it under my eyes. The concealers are super pigmented so use sparingly and build up if needed. For any harsh lines after applying I use a small makeup brush to smooth it out.

formen, formen makeup, makeup for men, formen titsup

FORMEN's skincare line has 4 products that are simple and straight forward. They contain organic ingredients which is great and hyaluronic acid, a trendy ingredient at the moment that is super hydrating. Here's a quick overview:
WASH - A cleanser that contains ingredients like aloe and tea tree oil to be used a nightly face wash.
TONE - Toners are used after your face is cleansed to remove additional oil and dirt that is left behind. They are great if you have oily skin or want a deeper clean.
HYDRATE - A daily moisturizer with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and gycolic acid.
TREAT - A formula that is more concentrating with hyaluronic acid and gycolic acid (among others) for extra hydration.

formen, formen makeup, makeup for men, formen titsup

CC Cream - One of the brand's best sellers. For those who don't know 'CC" means color correcting (or color control for some brands). The formula comes out white in color and once on contact with the skin it turns to a flesh tone to help even out the skin tone. The color is less concentrating than a foundation so it won't look like you are wearing makeup. One thing I noticed with it is that the color collects around my beard or areas I have hair on my face. I wouldn't recommend it for your full face unless you are clean shaven. For me, I use it around my nose, on mild redness on my cheek bones, and on the middle of the forehead.

formen, formen makeup, makeup for men, formen titsup

I have a love/hate relationship with translucent powders. I've tested many and some of the more expensive brands leave white traces on your face when caught in a camera flash. See here for nightmares. The Blotting Powder from FORMEN works really well. I tested it by applying a lot and took photos of my face with a flash and it was invisible. As a precaution, if you are using any translucent powder you should blend and buff it in really well. The FORMEN powder does come with a puffy applicator which works fine but I'd recommend getting a blush brush (even a cheap one). Oh, for those who are unaware of what a powder does it absorbs and helps reduce oil from forming on the skin so you won't look shiny. I use it on my forehead and nose. I don't do my cheeks because I like the look of a little 'glow' there.

formen, formen makeup, makeup for men, formen titsup

The concealer comes in a sleek metal package. The formula is matte and super concentrated so I'd also recommend it for women. The colors (light, light-medium, and medium) are limited but for those who are a match will like it. Start with a gentle touch (as not to be overwhelmed by it) and blend with your finger or a brush.





formen makeup for men titsup

A nice feature on the website is the easy guides for men to see how the product is used. It's useful especially for men who want to try using makeup but are unfamiliar with how its applied.

All in all the line is pretty cool given that it's one or even the only skincare line that is exclusively made and marketed for men. It would make a great gift for you boyfriend or for men who want a simple skincare routine or want to try using makeup. The products are easy to understand and use and the packaging is basic and sleek, which men will like. For more info, the website is

Update! FORMEN is offering titsup readers 10% off and free shipping with promocode TITSUP.
Happy shopping!

Burt's Bees Products For Men

burtsbees logo.jpg

The team behind Burt’s Bees in Canada sent me a goodie bag to try out. I’ve seen the products in stores like Shopper’s Drug Mart but never really paid much attention because I don’t love the smell of beeswax, I dislike the smell even more when it’s warm. After years of getting waxed by beauticians who use a beeswax formula I think I’m classically conditioned to hate the smell (it’s the same thing with lavender, I have a slight aversion to it because I associate it with pain!). But I was excited to try out Burt’s Bees as I’m really making an effort to use more natural products. Here’s what I thought!

burts bees vitamin e peppermint lip balm titsup

Burt's Bees Lip Balm ($4.99)
A lip balm is one thing I have in my pockets at all times, without it I feel slightly naked. Anything mint flavored and I’m sold right away so when the Burt's Bees Vitamin E and Peppermint Lip Balm came my way I knew I'd like it. It took a few days for my lips to get used to using something natural and not medicated (like Chapstick). I can see this lip balm taking up permanent residence in my pocket.

burts bees body wash.jpg

Burt's Bees Natural Skin Care For Men Body Wash ($9.99)
The body wash was nice. It’s a light scent and lathers well and leaves the skin feeling fresh. I’m more of a soap using fella but I’d use the body wash again and perhaps add it as part of a fun gift basket for someone who enjoys a natural products.

burts bees mens deodarant titsup

Burt's Bees Men's Deodarant ($9.99)
This was my first time using a natural deodorant and it has a strong beeswax smell that stays with you. It does have some citrus and orange peel notes that come through which is nice. It goes on like a thick balm so be careful not to twist up the stick too much or you’ll be covered in it (I learned that they hard way). In terms of masking sweat it doesn’t last all day without reapplying. I had a couple of moments at the gym after wearing it for 9 or 10 hours when I thought I wasn’t going to be able to lift me arms. With something that's all natural I would expect it to not eradicate smells all together, and mainly just mask it for a while. Will I continue to use this? I’m not sure. At the moment I have about 5 kinds of deodorant in my bathroom and there's something about this being all natural that makes me want to love it, but it's not strong enough to last all day for me. It does have a manly natural scent, almost woodsy, which is hot but I'm still not quite used to the smell of beeswax. I noticed lately I was lightly applying it after I would shower at night before going to bed and then applying something stronger in the morning. For me, I think that's the answer. It's not for my typical busy work day followed by the gym/sports but for lighter days or easy weekends. 

Any more thoughts on all natural deodorants? Can you say that work for you all day long?