Take A Chill Pill...For Your Face

graydon skincare superfood mask + scrub titsup blog
graydon skincare superfood mask + scrub titsup blog 3

If you've thought about getting in to mask and scrubs, it's a good idea. Exfoliating your skin is important to remove dead skin cells to promote healthy skin cells develop (it'll help your skin 'glow' too!). There's a super cool new scrub on the market called Superfood Mask + Scrub from Graydon Skincare. It's made with 19 superfoods (every ingredient in food grade, so technically you could eat it...but don't...it's for your face). What makes this one unique is that it comes in capsules. It's likely the only product on the market to package a dry ingredients this way that are to be used topically, which is pretty cool. Simply just open up the capsule, mix with your face wash or cleanser and let the super gentle ingredient exfoliate your face and enjoy the benefits as they soak in to your skin! Graydon has mentioned it's extra great to mix the contents with skin loving food you have around the kitchen like avocados, honey, or yogurt and let it sit on your face like a mask. I've been using the Mask + Scrub for a couple months now about one a week (or on hangover days when my skin needs a pick-me-up!). It's gentle enough to really get in there with your fingers in swirling motions. I actually got in to the habit of mixing it with a cleanser and using a Clarisonic to blend it on my skin!

It's getting some buzz too! Check it out here on The Marilyn Denis Show!

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To find out more about it click HERE. It's also sold in a smaller size in case you want to try it out before committing to a full bottle!

graydon skincare superfood mask + scrub titsup blog 2