Yves Rocher's Summer Creation Collection

Yves Rocher has released a collection for summer 2015 inspired by nature. In the collection you'll find an illuminating powder, a fragrance, lip crayons, cream eyeshadows, waterproof eye pencils, nail lacquers, and a liquid blush. The products that stand out are the nail lacquers and the lip crayons.

yves rocher nail lacquer titsup

Yves Rocher Nail Lacquers
The lacquers haves shades that will be popular for spring and summer; a coral (it could almost be nude), a soft pink, a tangerine (the colour is more deep tangerine), and a deep pink. My favourites are Soft Coral (3rd from right) and Intense Tangerine (2nd from left). The bottles are tiny (5ml) so they are light, and easy to carry. The size is also great for makeup artists or nail artists who need to lug around dozens of options to photoshoots.

yves rocher radiant lip crayon titsup

Yves Rocher Radiant Lip Crayon
These lip crayons apply like balm and have a glossy finish with a slight hint of colour. They have shea butter so they moisturize nicely. The favourites are Parfait Rose Claire (2nd from right) and Rose Sorbet ( last one on the right).