DECIEM, a beauty company that has 10 products under their brand's umbrella, invited me to their downtown Toronto factory for a tour and a little session to try their products. The huge industrial space is home to their team of office employees, chemists, factory and assembly workers. All 10 brands are all locally made, packaged, and shipped in the space and that's not something you see everyday. During the tour I got to see where the products were being developed, then made in the big steel mixers and cookers, and then eventually bottled and packaged.

After the tour I sat down with a couple of the brand ambassadors and got to try out some of their classics like Inhibitif and Fountain, and some best selling products like Hand Chemistry. I also got to play with some brand new brands that are not yet released in store yet (but available online) like Hair Is Fabric and AbCrew.

Check out the company and their brands here.


Here' s look at 2 brands I'm exciting about:

AbCrew - A line for men including shave gel, moisturizers, conditioners, and even a protein powder. The line boasts having a few products that have a technology that can break down fat in the stomach area. I'll believe it when I try it!




Hair Is Fabric - A hair conditioning product that does not come with a shampoo sidekick (kind of like Wen, though unlike Wen, DECIEM has found an ingredient that makes the conditioners foam as you lather). the all-in-one product has 15 types for specific hair needs including ones targeting black hair, red hair, anti-brass, curly hair support, and one for hair growth.