Do Natural Deodorants Actually Work? And What Ones Are The Best?

what are the best natural deodorants

I'm gonna make this really easy for you by saying that natural deodorants do not work. Or more like they do not work compared to non-natural drug store brands that effectively yet harmfully block your pores from releasing sweat. I have been using natural deodorants for well over a year and have tried so many and the results have pretty much been the same, they are good but not great. But with trying to be almost all 'green' with products I'm not willing to give up on natural deodorants.

At the very beginning of switching to natural pit stick I was basically grabbing ones that smelled nice (mint, lemon or pine always got dibs) and I quickly noticed that my armpits were extremely sore and eventually led to red irritated skin that was quite painful. After some research I found out that some people can react to sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in deodorants...and I'm one of them. I was kinda annoyed as baking soda is the main active ingredient in natural deodorants as it sucks up all the smell and moisture so I had to switch to baking soda free. So below I've narrowed down my faves in two categories: clay based and baking soda based.

natural deodorant cla

If you're like me and baking soda irritates your skin you'll have to look for ones that are don't have any in the ingredient list (I'm talking about rings of fire under my armpits if baking soda comes in contact). So look for ingredients like diatomaceous earth, bentonite clay or arrowroot powder in the ingredients. There hasn't been any baking soda free natural deodorants that have effectively removed smell for me (there have been times when lifting my arms at the gym has been...interesting) but they do help keep me dry and release some nice scents from essential oils.

ocean bottom soap company

Ocean Bottom Soap Company
My favorite scent from Ocean Bottom is Rosemary Mint. Combined with the steam from my shower this one made my bathroom smell like a spa. The actual product is a bit soft and you can easily smear to much on your pits so start out by using just a little. It also gave me a tingly effect which wears off. The smell alone was worth it for me.

adama minerals deodorant

Adama Minerals
Nice smell and nice texture. I'd buy this one again for sure.

herban cowboy deodorant

Herban Cowboy
'Forest' scent is soft yet manly. I'm currently using this one in the mornings. The product is sturdy so applying is easy and it doesn't leave a greasy feeling.

lavilin deodorant

Lavilin is the most expensive of all the ones I tried (it's double the price of all the ones listed above) but it's the one that worked pretty well. It's recommended that you use it at night before bed. Its' scent free which concerned me but read to be bottom of this post for what has been working for me using Lavilin.

natural deodorant baking soda

I can't use these ones any more due to the baking soda but these are the ones that I liked before I developed a rash.

crawford street deodorant

Crawford Street
Great texture and loved the lemon scent. The cute little jar was easy to chuck in to a gym bag too.

lovefresh deodorant

This was the first natural deodorant I tried and I loved it. I actually thought it was working a bit too until I broke out in a rash. It's possible the formula might have been changed since I used but it actual product was stiff and dragged across my skin which didn't feel so great. It's almost like it needed warming up to help it slide. But the smell was great!

mabrook & co deodorant

Mabrook & Co
This company ONLY makes deodorant so I was hopeful it would be the perfect concoction. I only got to use it once before I broke out (damn you baking soda!) but the smell was nice and it applied well with no residue.

Though I can get stinky by the end of the day this is what I find works best for me. At night I apply Lavilin deodorant before bed and let it do its thing as I sleep. When I wake up and go about my morning routine I swipe on some natural deodorant that has a nice scent (like my recommendations above) so when things can get a bit sweaty at least I'll release a smell that won't cause birds to fall from trees.

Have any other favorites? Let me know in the comments below. I'm still on the hunt for more great ones!