The Truth About Self Tanning

vita liberata tan

March Break is almost here and the summer is fast approaching and for some that means tanning season. If you're considering switching to a self tanning product you're in luck because we've tried them all. And there is one that seems to rise above the rest. Below are our honest findings on our favourite self tanning brand, Vita Liberata. 


vita liberata self tanner body


As a beginner at self tanning, I LOVED this product! Although it did not last for more than a few days at a time, the light mousse formula made for quick, easy, and natural looking results. The mousse blended seamlessly into the skin with no streaking and hardly any smell. Very little product was needed to achieve my desired depth of tan. The formula dried instantly leaving my sensitive skin feeling moisturized with no reaction to the certified organic ingredients. Although I used a damp cloth to remove excess product, it didn't cling to any of my dry spots and left my clothes stain-free. The packaging itself is clean, sleek, and perfect for travel. Instructions say to apply three days in a row for a 2 to 3 week tan but sadly the colour did fade significantly after showering. Repeating the process daily does prolong the tan but having it last for 3 weeks seems impossible. The overall process is so quick and easy though - I found myself looking forward to reapplying.

vita liberata self tanning face

Rich Face Tinted Self Tan Lotion for Face ($45)

If you've got oily skin like me this product will not be your friend! The lotion style formula was very greasy and streaky. A first attempt at blending with the tanning mitt left me with blotchy, uneven skin. I switched to a dual fiber brush and found better results, however I needed quite a lot of product for the colour pay off I was looking for. My skin became progressively more oily and when it came time to wash my face - 75% of the colour washed off. If you've got dry skin, this product might work well for you with repeated use. 


vita liberata trystal


The bronzer itself is very pigmented but incredibly hard to blend. That being said, very little product goes a very long way so it will last you along time. I LOVED the kabuki brush that was included, which came as a surprise. Not only were the bristles incredibly soft but they aided in creating a natural glow after much blending. Considering the price tag I was expecting to see a full jar but instead almost half of the container was empty. I do wish this came as a pressed powder or in an alternate style of packaging as the shaker style is very messy. The powder has a slight smell reminiscent of standard self tanners. The packaging mentions a subtle tan lasting anywhere from 3-7 days however unfortunately all the effects disappeared with make up remover.