Because I Love Soap So F'ing Much

I've written this before on this site - I never use body wash. It doesn't do it for me. I need to feel that contact of product to a bar form. I find body washes just slide off or dilute with water before I can get a good scrub in. Also, I've been making a strong effort to use bar soaps with clean ingredients, So Queue the list of natural bar soaps that I'm currently loving and where to find them!

woodlot charcoal soap

Woodlot - They have a variety of soaps with great scents and great packaging. Show here are Wildwoods (scents of vanilla, orange, cedarwood, fir, pine, and eucalyptus with charcoal added), Cinder (with scents of betonite clay, french grey salt, vetiver essential oil & cedarwood essential oil) and Cascadia (scents of cedarwood, fir, and patchouli). Shop them HERE.

plant apothecary wake up soap

Plant Apothecary Wake Up Soap - This bar is scented with organic essential oils of rosemary and lemongrass and it's quite nice to use for morning showers. And I really like it's a big bar (it feels good in my man hands!) Shop it HERE.

labor of love toronto

This is a collection I splurged on at Labour Of Love in Toronto:
Leaves of Trees Eucalyptus Mint Soap - Shop it HERE.
Wilderness Soap Co Wood + Charcoal Soap - Shop it HERE.
Carriage 44 No. 1 Soap - Shop it HERE.
Leaves of Trees French White Clay Shaving Bar - This is actually a shaving bar soap. I like it but it tends to clog the razor after a few swipes which requires a good rinse every so often while shaving. Shop it HERE.

bulle et molecules

Bulles et Molecules - A small batch brand from Quebec. Lots of nice scents. My favorite is the peppermint and eucalyptus. Shop HERE.