Makeup Looks To Inspire Women Undergoing Chemo

Recently I was invited to celebrate the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation #NoHairSelfie movement which is set to go global this year. While speaking with one of the organizers about how influencers are helping to spread the word in different ways the topic arose of creating makeup looks for women who want to feel inspired but might need a little help in the makeup department. Thus this blog post was born! I really wanted to focus on using green beauty products as much as I could for these looks as I feel it's important not to use chemicals on your skin if you don't have to. Though not all products used below are green as I realize budgets can vary for products.

I realize in the scheme of things makeup is a low priority when faced with cancer but makeup can become a form or empowerment during treatment after hair loss. So this post is for those women who need a little encouragement. It's a small way to show support, but I hope its able to inspire strength in someone out there. 

Enjoy and let me know in the comments below what you think!

The Fresh Face

mac face chart 5

For this look I chose pinks and neutrals to accentuate brightness in the face. It's super simple and quick!

- Sweep a neutral shadow with a subtle shimmer (like MAC's Shroom) over your lid. Apply a pinky peach eye shadow (like MAC's Expensive Pink) on the outer corner to add depth and a hint of color. Follow with a brown eye liner like Alima Pure's liner in Ink) along the top lash line. 

- In keeping with the fresh tones use a pinky nude lipstick like Ilia's In My Room on the lips.

- Follow by blending a light bronzer (like Josephine's Contour Duo) just below your cheek bones and highlight above that area on the highest points of your cheeks. For more tips on highlighting click HERE.

A Little Bit 90's!

mac face chart 6

In keeping with another subtle look, I went a little 90's with this one!

- Use an eye liner (like Inika Certified Organic in Black Caviar) and line your upper lash line. You can smudge the line with a brush to soften the line if you wish.

- A lipstick that isn't matte will keep this look nice and fresh. Elizabeth Arden's lipstick in Dessert Rose works great for a nude lip with a hint of orangey brown with high shine.

- Bring some dimension in to the face by blending with your finger under your cheekbones softly with a liquid contour (like Gressa Minimalist Contouring Bronzer Serum).

- Follow with your favourite mascara (like RMS Volumizing Mascara).

The New Smokey

mac face chart 1

A smokey eye doesn't need to be black! Here's a twist using shimmery purples.

- Apply a dark purple shadow (like MAC's Nocturnelle) on the outer corner of the eye and on the inner upper lid. Blend both areas a little so there's no harsh lines. Use a lighter purple (like MAC's Digit) and brush it on the center of the lid. Pay a little extra attention to soften the edges where the purples meet so you'll get a seamless look. Carry the dark purple shadow on the lower lash line and blend well for extra smokiness.

- Use a black liner (like NARS Eye Liner in black) to define the upper and lower lash lines. Follow with your favourite mascara.

-A little hint of gloss is all you need for this look. Try MAC's Eloquently Elegant. 

The Red Lip

mac face chart 2

Oh yes, the love-hate relationship with the red lip. But it looks gorgeous and requires minimal effort elsewhere!

- Apply a coat of red lipstick (like FitGlow's lipstick in Love) all over the lip. For extra coverage, before you apply the lipstick you can cover the entire lip area with a red lip liner to fill in the gaps and intensify the colour. 

- A great red lip pairs great with a minimal eye. Use a nude shadow all over the eyelid and a little medium brown shadow on the outer crease area to define your eye  (Hynt Beauty's Sweet Canyon palette would work great!).

- Bring a little warmth in to your face with a bronzing powder like Vita Liberata's Trystal Bronzing Powder).

TIP - To make your red lips last longer apply a thin layer of translucent powder on your lips after you apply the lip liner, then follow with lipstick. Repeat with another layer of translucent powder and then apply a final coat of lipstick. The powder will help set each layer giving it more staying power.

The Impresser

mac face chart 3

This is a fun look that will really catch people's attention!

- Start with a dark purple shadow and blend on the outer corner of your eye. Next take a blue eyeshadow and blend it in the middle of the lid. Use a nude shadow with slight shimmer on the inner portion of your eye to catch the light. Make sure to blend in all edges well for a seamless look. For more intensity you can take a black shadow and blend it in to your eye crease. Repeat these steps under you eye as well. Eye palettes work great for a look like this. Try NARS Dual Intensity Palette.

- Run an eye liner (like Charlotte Tilbury's Rock N Kohl liner) along the upper and lower lash line. For a more intense look, use the eye liner on your water line too.

- With a fun look on the eye it's best to keep it simple on the lips. Try Kjaer Weiss' lip tint in Blissful.

- Brighten up your cheeks with a little blush like Benefit's Coralista

The Modern Lady

mac face chart 4

A purple lip seems unrealistic but they can really accentuate your eye colour. If you're worried it's too intense you can opt for a purple gloss or tint!

- Keep your lids fairly simple with a bit of shimmer (like Vapour's Beauty Eye Shimmer in Flash 602). 

- Line your top lash line with a black or brown eye liner (like Ilia Pure Eye Liner).

- Apply lipstick (like Studio 78 Paris' in Velvet Wedding) all over your lip for a gorgeous purple hue that dries matte.

- Bring some life in to your cheeks with a bit of blush (like NARS blush in Orgasm). 

Filling In Your Eyebrows After Hair Loss

I searched Youtube for a good guide and really enjoyed this one:

how to fill in your eyebrows

Here's an eye brow guide I've posted previously. Perhaps somone might find it helpful:

Inner eyebrow
- should line up with the corner of your nose and corner of eye

Eyebrow arch - should line up with the corner of your nose and your your pupil

Tail of your eyebrow - should line up with corner of your nose and outer corner of the eye

I really hope you enjoyed these look and please check out No Hair Selfie HERE.