Skinny Tea - Do They Work?

I'm about in embark on a 28 day teatox with Skinny Teatox! The goal is to shed some weight with the help of the tea along with maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine.
I'll keep you posted on how it goes! It was $60 US so I'm hoping to see SOME sort of results!

Has anyone had any luck with it? Let me know in the comments!

Week 1 - Combined with an effort to eat cleaner and drink less (I said less, not all together) I'm feeling a bit leaner and somewhat cleansed. One thing to note is that the tea has natural laxatives in it..and they work..and they work on schedule if you drink the tea around the same time. Be prepared for more bathroom visits by day 2! No official weight loss less but hopefully by week 2 that will kick in.
Week 2 - No weight-loss. Maintaining a healthy diet but little exercise this week (two jobs...). I'm noticing my bathroom breaks are quite frequent and bad cramps in between. I emailed the company and asked why. They said to no steep the tea too long. I tried that and cramps stopped. 
Week 3 - Down one pound..disappointment has begun.
Week 4 - Slightly disappointed in the results. I'm sure if I had time to exercise like I used to before working two jobs I might see more results. But I don't think the tea would really do anything. All it did was make me go to the bathroom a million times a day. I have tea left over and I don't really intend to finish it. Would I recommend it, nope. Would I recommend it for an herbal laxative...YUP.

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