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province apothecary

If you've heard of Province Apothecary before you'll know it has a very loyal cult following, especially in Canada as the line was born here. If you haven't heard of it you soon will learn that the company takes a more holistic aromatherapeutic approach to small-batch skincare while sourcing ingredients from all Canadian provinces. Explore below to see some of their offerings from the brand!

province apothecary

Sex Oil

The best part about using a natural product as a massage oil or lubricant is you don't need to rinse it off, you can leave it on your skin so it will sink in to hydrate and moisturize. At first glance at the label you'd think it would have a slight coconut scent but nope, it's virtually scent free. I've used other natural oils and elixirs that are marketed as 'massage oils' but they all generally had a scent so it's great to find one that is scent free. The downside is you can't use oil based lubes with latex condoms as it can break down the components of latex. But I'm crafty, I'll find some other ways to use it ;)

province apothecary sex oil

Repairing and Conditioning Lip Balm

I'm a total lip balm hoarder and I'm constantly trying new ones. If I leave the house without lip balm I fee completely lost. Province Apothecary's lip balm does a great job at soothing and keeping lips from feeling dry. At first smell, you'll notice lavender like I did. I don't overly love lavender but I'm willing to overlook that for this one. And the one I received comes in a super skinny package (see my group photo above) which I like because it doesn't bulge out in my front pocket.

province apothecary lip balm

Hang Over Remedy

I can't even begin to explain how this smells. But if you've learned over the years that any form of hangover cure is not going to taste good. I haven't had a hangover yet that is worthy of a remedy but it seems like you could also use this for nausea or headaches. One of the main ingredients is milk thistle which has been known to help support the liver. Does it work? I dunno yet but I should hope by how it tastes it should do somethin' good!

province apothecary hangover remedy

Regenerating + Stimulating Exfoliator

Dry scrubs have become super common among green beauty companies. I've tried many brands and there hasn't really been one that has stood out yet. PA's is made with oat flour, lentil flour, lavender, violet leaves and green tea leaves so it's very gentle on the skin. After its mixed with water it pretty much just feels like your rolling a damp oat mixture over your face. I do like using natural exfoliating products once in a while and I did notice some grime had collected in my hands when I was rinsing so that made me happy. If you're a PA brand loyalist you'll want to try this exfoliator.

province apothecary exfoliator

Moisturizing Cleanser + Makeup Remover

Oddly I just realized this was the first oil cleanser I've tried. I tend to always lean toward a creamy oil based cleanser. My skin felt nicely hydrated after I used it. You'll need a warm damp face cloth to rid your face of any extra oil but after a quick gentle wipe I didn't feel oily. The scent is nice too.

province apothecary cleanser

Detoxifying + Clarifying Clay Mask

The minute this clay was mixed with water and put on my face it reminded me of the ocean back home in PEI. I checked the ingredient list and it contains seaweed powder, it was easy to pin point that familiar smell for me. It was instantly a comforting scent with a hint of earthiness. I like to do a mask once in a while and I enjoyed this one and how tight it made my skin feel so I think it'll find a home on my bathroom counter for a while!

province apothecary clay mask

Wild Crafted Incense

I'm not an incense lover, but I love the smell of balsam fur so this one is a toss up for me. I do love that it's handmade and I think it'll make a gorgeous little gift for the tree hugger in your life haha.

province apothecary incense

Rejuvenating + Hydrating Face Serum

I use a facial oil or serum everyday and never use a cream on my face (creams make my face feel heavy and clogged). Another reason why I love oils or serums is you get all the benefits of the ingredients in a concentrated format. They are more expensive, but I find the pay off is worth it. And funny enough, I don't like the smell of neroli or frankincense and those are two of the active ingredients in this serum but yet I liked its smell! All the oils that are in the formula are really well balanced together there isn't one ingredient that dominates your nose. I use a boat-load of serum on my face every day and I don't find it makes my skin feel greasy at all so it's 'the more the merrier' for me. I really liked this one, It's a keeper. 

province apothecary serum

Invigorating + Balancing Toner

In the past year or so I've really become a fan of facial mists, especially ones that soothe skin. I shave my face twice a week and I find mists help to calm my skin post-shaving and to boost hydration when sprayed on top of my facial serums. PA's toner does have ingredients that will soothe, calm purify skin which is great...but this one in particular has ingredients with scents I can't stand. Namely geranium, rose water and lavender. The toner's smell is very polarizing and if you like aromatherapy you'll likely enjoy the smell but I just can't. It feels great on the skin but my nose won't let me like it. For mists, it's gotta be scent free for me.

province apothecary toner

In the end, I'm super impressed by the products and what the brand stands for. The sleek packaging is an added bonus too and will really vamp up the aesthetic of my bathroom!
For more information on Province Apothecary click HERE.

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