How To Clean Your Brushes...Fast!

prism brush bar
prism brush bar

Lately I've been looking for options that will help me clean makeup brushes effectively and quickly. I came across Prism Brush Bar recently and thought it was a pretty clever idea to make a makeup brush cleanser in bar form! Even better, their products and natural, vegan AND the company is Canada! I tried out the Original Prism Brush Bar ($17). It's a super cool galactic blue colour and comes in a round tin case. Here's what I thought!

Since I already found a brush cleansing glove that I love to wash brushes with, I kept the brush bar in the tin case to keep it steady. I dampened my brush and then swivelled it around the top of the bar. The consistency it creates is a little sudsy and has a mild silkiness. For eye shadow and detail brushes just a few swipes on my cleansing glove and a quick rinse and towel off cleaned them right up good! Larger brushes that had extra product stuck in it, like foundation brushes, needed a few rinses and swirls in the bar but I was really surprised at how clean and conditioned the bar made my brushes! I finished up by giving the bar a quick rinse and dried out the inside of the tin case. Then I set the bar inside the case with the cover removed to air dry. If you don't use a glove and just want to hold the bar in one hand and your brush in the other that's totally fine, it works well that way too! Prism Brush Bar has a view bar variations to choose from. You can explore them HERE!

Curious about ingredients? Here they are:
coconut oil, palm oil, safflower oil, vegetable based glycerin, purified water, sodium hydroxide, sorbitol, sorbitan oleate, oat protein, iron oxide, tin oxide, titanium oxide (mica)

TIP: Ever wonder about ingredients you can't pronounce or don't know where they come from? Search them on SKIN DEEP's website for hazard levels. 


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