Easy New Year's Eve Lewks!

It's New Year's Eve and for those who are headed out to a house party or club/pub here are some ideas that are fairly easy with high impact!

The NYE Red Lip

easy news years eve makeup 1

If you want the perfect red pout use a red lip liner like MAC's Ruby Woo to trace the lip and then fill in the entire area.
- Apply a coat of red lipstick Elizabeth Arden's Bold Red (It's rich, creamy and super pigmented) all over to fill in the gaps and intensify the colour. 
- A great red lip pairs great with a minimal eye with great lashes (a little nude eye shadow or a little shimmer on the eye is fine too!) Eating can be tricky with a red lip so tuck your lipstick in your pocket for touchups.
- To make your red lips last longer apply a thin layer of translucent powder on your lips after you apply the lip liner, then follow with lipstick, repeat with another layer of translucent powder and then apply a final coat of lipstick. The powder will help set each layer giving it more staying power.

The Smokey Eye With a Colourful Twist

easy news years eve makeup 2

NYE is the perfect time to explore smokey eye with some fun colors. It really only takes a few colours that go well together. In this example, I'll be using shimmer gold and green.
- Apply a shimmery gold all over the mobile lid and under the eye along the lash line.
- On the outter corner and along the outer crease of the eye blend a green eye shadow really well. Add a little extra green eye shadow on the outer corner again to build it up and get it extra smokey (just blend it well so it looks seamless).
- You can also use a little under the eye too along the lower lash line. Use an eye pencil in black or dark green and apply on the upper lash line, lower lash line and water line.
- Follow with two coats of mascara. Pair with a nude lip and you're outta there!

The Eye Catching Eye

easy news years eve makeup 3

If you want to be playful and not do a full smokey eye then a fun colour eyeshadow that complaints your eye is a great way to get some NYE attention. Purple eye shadow looks great with green eyes so I'll use that as the example.
- Apply a lit shade of purple all over the mobile lid.
- Use a darker shade to to accentuate along the crease of your lid.
- Use a nude or white shimmery shadow in the inner corner of your eye.
- Use a matte nude shadow along your brow bone.
- Pair it with a nude or pale pink lip and voila!

The Fresh Look

easy news years eve makeup 4

If you want to keep it cool and fresh then here's an easy look. Blend your foundation in well so it looks even and natural. 
- Lightly fill in your eye brows so they define your eye area.
- Dust a little eyeshadow over your lid (like MAC's  Naked Lunch), and apply a darker neutral shadow (like MAC's Brun) to define the crease a little.
- Then apply a light colour (like MAC's White Frost) on the inner part of your eye and just along the inner part of your under eye to catch the light. This step is key for a fresh face!
- Apply a coat of your favourite mascara.
- Use a little lipstick applied with a brush to give the lip a natural pink colour ( MAC's Snob is a great choice). And there you go!

Photographer: Regen Chen
Model: Ana, Sutherland Models
Makeup & Hair: Me!

The Body Shop Canada Ltd