How to Strobe!

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If you're totally over contouring or if you haven't been able master it then there's an easier way to make your features stand out and it's called 'strobing' (it's not a new concept, it's just gaining recognition and given a cool name). The technique behind it is using an illuminator on the high points of your face to make them stand out and make areas of your face appear larger. Specifically, the areas you should concentrate on are you brown bone, above your cheek bone, the bridge of your nose and your cupid's bow. Strobing really does make a difference on your face but don't go over board with product or you'll look like your glowing! There are TONS of highlighters and illuminators on the market to choose from. Below are some of my favorites.

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Rodial Instaglam Glow ($36)
Instaglam Glow is a gorgeous sheer luminescent tone with a touch of warm gold color. You can dab a little on the tip of your finger to apply under your brow and the bridge of your nose to avoid applying too much.







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MAC Strobe Cream ($33)
An old faithful. Strobe Cream is a luminous white color that sheers out if you work it in. I've heard from a few makeup artists that it doesn't photograph well on photo shoots. But for everyday it's a great option if you're not under studio lights.






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Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow ($65)
Wonder Glow leaves the skin with a dewy effect. You can use it all over or just on your high points. It's a bit pricey so give it a try in stores and see if you like it. Charlotte Tilbury is sold at Holt Renfrew.







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Benefit High Beam ($34)
High Beam is the perfect shade of light pink. The applicator is a plastic paddle wand so it's easy to transfer to your finger or a brush. Apply lightly as it's pretty concentrated.







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MAC Perfect Topping ($32)
Perfect Topping is no longer on MAC's website which makes me think it was a limited edition product. Click on the title for a similar one by MAC. Perhaps check in store to see if they still have it. It's the perfect option if you're not comfortable using a liquid highlight. I love the colors, it's perfectly pink, gold and beige.






It makes sense that beauty brands would come up with a product to target highlighting (new product = new sales!) and there are some great ones out there but if you want to give strobing a try before you commit to a new purchase OR if you're on a budget then use your multi toned bronzer! Choose one of the lightest shades from your bronzer and give it a go! If you like the color and the effect then you won't have to commit to a new purchase! You're welcome ;)

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Photography credit (for model): Regen Chen