A Closer Look At GRESSA Skincare

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Recently I had the chance to experience Gressa Skin, a green beauty line that carries skincare and makeup. In an effort to keep 'green' I was really excited to play with three skincare products they sent - a cleanser, an oil and a mist. Here's what I thought!

Gressa Balancing Cleanser ($37)

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This oil smells awesome, it's almost aromatherapeutic (guys will like the smell too). It's certified organic with ingredients like jojoba oil (to hydrate), castor oil (to draw out impurities), lavender oil, camellia oil, pumpkin seed oil and EVOO. It's recommended to start with a dry face (which I found hard to do at first as it's part of our psyche to associated a wet face with a crucial step in cleansing). After the oil sits on the skin for a short time simply wash it off with warm water or a warm cloth. Repeat if there is still traces of makeup or if you want to ensure skin is thoroughly cleansed. After rinsing, skin feels soft and hydrated with not tight skin sensation. An oil cleanser is still something I need to get used to (I'm a fan of a cream cleanser with a Clarisonic) but this cleansing oil is going to live in my bathroom and I fully intend to use it and use it well!

Gressa Purifying Oil ($54)

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The purifying oil is my fave of the trio I tried. It's super lightweight and really does hydrate extremely well. The oils in the formula, which create a slightly sweet smell, contain properties that reduce fine lines over time, promote elasticity and soothe the skin. The star oils are jojoba, rosehip, macadamia, sesame, cranberry, raspberry and chamomile. There's a lot of good stuff packed in to this little bottle. It's become a frontrunner as my morning facial moisturizer. 

Gressa Rejuvenating Mist ($33)

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This mist has one ingredient, neroli (Morrocan orange blossom). Some of the health properties neroli include are: it acts as an antiseptic, helps kill bacteria and helps to reduces scars and spots. The only thing is...I don't like the smell of nerol...so I'm sad to say I won't use it. I've been using facial mists for months now as I find they are refreshing and soothing and I'd like to see if they play a part in reducing razor burn and bumps (jury is still out on that one but I'm going to give it more time). If you're looking to try a mist, there are several on the market that are scent free but if you enjoy a floral scent than Gressa's mist might be great for you. For me, I'll continue to enjoy the cleanser and clarifying oil as part of my daily routine.

For more info on Gressa, click here!