Green Beauty Product Must Haves!

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I recently checked out Mindful Beauty Pop-Up that happened in Toronto last week. It was the first annual pop-up shop showcasing some of Toronto's small-batch green beauty companies.  I'm really trying to make an effort to go green with beauty products and this event totally facilitated that as I got to peruse the brands and meet the people who make them. Here are some of the products that I picked up and am loving!

Parkdale Butter Peppermint Organic Lip Butter ($9.99/30ml)
This lip balm is one of my fave finds at the pop-up. It’s whipped so it’s almost fluffy when you put your finger in to the pot. Once it hits your lips it melts in perfectly. It should actually be called Chocolate Mint Lip Butter as it has a lot of cocoa butter in it. So if you’re not a fan of chocolate then stay clear of it as I find the chocolate smell to be quite strong. Regardless I love it and use it as a nightly lip treat before bed. 

parkdale butter, peppermint lip balm

Wildcraft Calm And Cleanse Chamomile And Honey Makeup Remover ($17/120ml)
This makeup remover is 92% organic and 100% natural. At first smell it smells like a sweet salad dressing (in a good way). Make sure to shake well to mix all ingredients. It is quite a sheer oil mixture so you’ll notice as you remove your makeup it will smear in to the oil but as you wipe off your makeup will come with it!

wildcraft skincare, face serum, face oil

Wildcraft Cell Rejuvenating Face Serum ($28/30ml)
I’m always up for trying new face oils or serums, they have become a part of my daily routine as I no longer use lotions on my face. This serum is 100% natural and has an oaty sweet smell. Compared to other serums I’ve tried you need to use a few extra drops then normal to cover your face. But don’t worry, it absorbs really nicely. 

wildcraft skincare, natural makeup remover, makeup remover

Wildwood Talisman Healing Salve ($16/30ml)
This is by far my favourite find at the pop-up! The smell is literally like the fall season in a jar with cinnamon bark and arnica flowers. I find the cinnamon scent super relaxing with I use it. For comparison sack it has the texture of Vick’s Vaporub. I’ve been using it at night mainly on my feet and rubbing the leftover on my hands and elbows. Love it.

wildwood botanicals, skin salve, best skin lotion

Province Apothecary Invigorating  + Balancing Toner ($14 on sale/30ml)
It’s funny, I don’t like the smell or roses and I can tolerate the smell of geranium. But mixed together in this toner I kinda like it. The blend is more spicy than sweet. I spritz after cleansing and it feels very refreshing on the face. 

province apothecary, toner, natural skincare

Mabrook & Co Clean Deodorant ($16/90g)
My search continues for a natural deodorant that my skin won’t react to. I’ve discovered through testing some out that when used topical, my skin reacts to baking soda after about a week of use. Baking soda is one of the main active ingredients in a lot of natural deodorants. Some brands do make an option that is baking soda free which is great. Mabrook & Co doesn’t make one with out it I but I ask the founder of the brand and she said that baking soda is farther down in the ingredient list so it’s less intense. The active in Mabrook’s deodorant is arrowroot starch. I’ve been using the lavender and herb deodorant and so far so good! 

mabrook & co, natural deodorant, organic deodorant

mabrook & co, natural deodorant, organic deodorant

Andrea Ashley Coco Cream Facial Cleanser ($28.95/250ml)
This is a thick creamy cleanser that smells like cocoa with a hint of coconut. I’ve been using it on a Clarisonic as a nightly cleanser and my skin drinks it up so I have to use a little extra to feel like I’m getting a good clean. I normally like a scent free or slightly sweet smelling cleanser but I’m enjoying this one at the moment!

andrea ashley skincare, natural face cleanser