An Interview With Silas Tsang

contessa awards 2017
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photo via

The 2016 Contessa Awards, a ceremony awarding Canada's best in all things related to hair, hair stylists and salons, will be held on Sunday, November 6pm at 7pm EST in Toronto. I had the opportunity to interview one of the finalists, Silas Tsang, who is nominated for Canadian Hair Stylist of the Year. 

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How did you get in to hair styling?
At a really young age, I was always look at hair salons’ facades and be very fascinated with the whole environment. I was first formally introduced to the career when I moved to London, England in 1985. I have been working in this profession ever since in London, Hong Kong, Germany and now Ottawa, where I opened Blushes in 2001. 

What are three things we should know about you?
I’m a very shy person, I am very passionate about hair and the profession, and I love learning. 

When you're not in the salon what are your favourite things to do?
When I’m not in the salon, I love day dreaming. 

What's one hair style or cut that will never go out of style?
I think the Bob will never go out of style. 

What hair style or cut do you wish would go out of style?
I wish the “dirty mullet” would go out of style. 

What's your least favourite thing clients ask/tell you when they're in the chair?
My least favourite thing clients ask/tell me when they’re in the chair is when they are convinced they want aspecific look that you’ve already advised won’t be suitable for their hair, face shape, or lifestyle. 

What's your favourite styling product (either brand or type of product)? What's your favourite styling tool?
My favourite styling product is Shu Uemura’s Essence Absolute and my favourite styling tool is the Vess 9-Row Ceramic Brush.

If someone came in for an appointment that had hair like Cousin It and all she said was "I'd like a change". What would you do to them?
The first thing I would do is provide them with a consultation to determine what their lifestyle is like (e.g., how much time they normally spend styling their hair, how often they’d be willing to come to the salon for maintenance, etc.) to establish what kind of styles they would realistically enjoy and be able to reproduce. After this, I establish what looks would compliment their features and their style. My goal is to highlight their best features, thus giving them more confidence. Lastly, I work with current trends and cater them towards the individual so that they are still suitable for their lifestyle. 

If you weren't a hair stylist what would you be doing?
I would be a fashion designer if I wasn’t a hairstylist. 

Favourite genre of music to listen to in the salon is?
My favourite genre of music to listen to in the salon is European contemporary / lounge/ club music.

Where can people find you to check out your work and to enquire about making an appointment?
People can find out more about me and enquire about making an appointment by going to or calling the salon at 613-254-9943. 

Name/Nom: Silas Tsang
Category/Catégorie: Canadian Hairstylist | Styliste Canadien de l’année
Salon: Blushes, Ottawa
Makeup/Maquillage: Lan Nguyen-Grealis
Wardrobe/Styliste Mode: Marika Page
Photos: John Rawson


View some of Silas' nominated work here:


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