Face Serums - The New Moisturizer!

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If you find moisturizers heavy or they make you sweat in the warm weather then you should try face serums or oils! They don't contain waxes like creams and lotions do so they are light and breathable! Look for ones that have jojoba, patchouli, rosehip, teatree, lavender, or geranium (among others) to help fight aging acne scars and improve elasticity. If you have oily skin and you think they will make you even more oily, think again! They absorb beautifully in to the skin leaving it super hydrated, moisturized and nourished.

I've spent the summer trying out a variety and here are my favourites! 
(The brand titles are hyperlinked if you want to explore further or shop)


gressa purifying oil titsup blog

Gressa Skin Purifying Oil ($54 15ml)
This pricey little bugger is lightweight and very hydrating. The formula includes Immortelle, Rose Hip and Jojoba Oils which decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles, restores skin elasticity, and balances skin tone. The bottle is quite small so it's great for travelling or chucking in your makeup bag. The scent is mild and light with  floral notes.  




Fresh Black Tea Age Defying Serum ($85 30ml) This is the priciest of the 30ml bottles on my list. The consistency is thick and almost like a light opaque gel. They boast research behind it to decrease the signs of aging, protect from future damage, and provide 24 hours of moisture. I agree, it's very hydrating. The formula contains black tea, blackberry leaf extract, and lychee seed extract, which help to inhibit damaging free radicals, make the skin supple, and promote skin elasticity. This serum, however, has a long ingredient list and some of them I haven't heard of or I can't pronounce (which doesn't always mean they are bad by the way). So if you're an ingredient junkie you should check that out. They have the ingredient list posted on their website. 


Graydon Skincare The Serum ($49 30ml)
The serum contains Canadian raspberries, blueberries and cranberries which are all grown in Canada. Berry seed oils are linked to increasing your ability to inhibit free radicals and reduce oxidative stress. The formula has a very small ingredient list (which I like) and it includes camellia  meadowfoam, oat oil, turmeric, neroli and the berries I mentioned above. It has a medium toned scent with neroli and camellia be the strongest scents on the nose.  

graydon the serum titsup blog
herbivore botanicals face elixir titsup blog

Herbivore Botanicals Face Elixir ($38 30ml)

Aesthetically I like this one the most. The formula is light, moisturizing and absorbs beautifully. It contains Rosehip Oil, Chia Seed Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Vetiver Essential Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil. The only thing that deters me from using it daily is the smell. I don't like the smell of bergamot which is quite earthy and rooty (if you don't know what bergamot smells like then think of the way Earl Grey tea smells. That earthy note is bergamot). If you don't mind the smell then you'll love this elixir. 


formen makeup treat titsup blog

FORMEN Treat ($40 30ml)If your sensitive to smell then Formen's Treat is a great option. It's their line's most concentrated clinically advanced product. This formula contains a good dose of hyaluronic, kojic, and glycolic acids that work to hydrate and moisturize deep into the skin.