Bridal Hair - Down, Half Up, Updos, and Ponytails

Wedding season is fast approaching and if you're a bride (or like me playing bridesmaid duty this summer) then you are probably all over Pinterest and Google look for wedding day hair inspiration. Below you'll find a curated look at some of the styles I'm loving.  i'm leaning more so toward the modern than traditional but I've included some classics styles. You'll notice some common themes throughout (new tight curls, very few braided looks, and no tiny tendrils around the face!) Enjoy and hope this helps get you inspired!

Wavey Hair / Hollywood Hair
This is my favorite hair style for brides, it's modern and gorgeous and will really showcase your dress if you sweep yourhair over one shoulder so you the back or shoulder will be shown. Hollywood Hair doesn't have to be tight curls or tight 'S' waves. It can be brushed and styled loosely so it's more playful and romantic.

The Updo
For updos I think they look best when they are a touch messy but controlled, they can be romantic that way. I do love a gorgeous structured chignon but if you planning an outdoor wedding a slightly loose updo will suit beautifully.

Sleek Updo
Super glamorous and perfect for an evening wedding. A sleek updo looks beautiful with a sleeveless dress.

The Half Updo
The perfect compromise to showcase your locks and your veil. But please don't just get barrel curls and call it a 'hair do' See the image below of Tiny Fey, her curls were brushed slightly in to a beautiful wave and it's elegant.

The Ponytail
I'm in love with this hairstyle for weddings. I realize brides might not find it 'special' but just think how gorgeous a sleek ponytail could be falling down the center of an open back dress. Or have your stylist add some texture and body to it for a little something extra.

Keep checking back. I'm adding more inspirational pics as I see them!

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