Cannes Film Festival 2015 - Hair How To!

The Cannes Film Festival is happening RIGHT NOW! As it happens I'll be curating my favorite looks and how to achieve them as easy as possible! The 'Cannes 2015 Hair How To' starts here:

Charlize Theron
How chic is this! And it's pretty damn easy (with patience).

  • Start by sectioning off the hair that you will curl later and then brush back the rest of your hair in to a bun or french twist at the back of your head.
  • Apply mousse to the section that you'll curl. Try TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)done Sea Foam to help with body and hold. Let it dry.
  • Start to curl in medium sized consistent sections with the spirals curling toward your face. Hot Tools 24K 1 inch Curling Iron will work great. Try to keep the curls lined up nicely so they fall in a row. Don't freak out if you look like Shirley Temple at this point. Let the curls cool.
  • Take a paddle brush like Goody's Jewel Shine and brush out the curls in long strokes. You'll notice the curls are blending together and becoming a wave. Keep brushing until you get the desired amount of wave. Be patient as each brush stroke can change how it looks. Once you are happy with the wave then spray it with hairspray (like old faithful L'Oreal Elnet) to hold it in place.
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Julianne Moore

  • This style is sleek and simple. Start by using a tail comb like Toni & Guy's to section your part. Comb hair back behind both ears and then switch to a soft brush like Goody's to smooth out those parted sections.
  • Fasten hair at the back of your neck into a bun or in a ponytail. If you choose a ponytail, leave out a small section of hair so you can wrap it around your hair elastic to hide it. Fasten the tail of the wrapped piece of hair with a few pins underneath the ponytail.
  • Finish it off with hairspray (I'll say it a million time that Kevin's Murphy's Session Spray is the best).
  • Spritz with a little shine spray Like Moroccan Oil's Glimmer Shine Spray to complete the look.
Julianne Moore at Cannes Film Festival 2015, Cannes 2015, Julianne Moore

Karlie Kloss

  • For a beachy look start with mousse all over like Sebastien's Whipped Creme on damp hair.
  • Let it air dry to blow dry.
  • Wrap hair 2 to 3 times away from your face with a wide curling iron (my fave is Hot Tools 24K 1.5 inch Curling Iron) starting around eye level. Don't worry about wrapping the hair all the way down as complete spiral curls are not the goal. Continue curling all hair and the let it cool.
  • Spritz lightly all over with a dry shampoo (Batiste Dry Shampoo works amazingly with little residue) to achieve texture and body. For more body at the roots, spritz more dry shampoo in sections along your part line and work it in with your fingers.
  • Shake or brush your curls out (or try flipping your head over and shaking!) and scrunch hair in to place and lock it in with hairspray like Joico Power Spray to lock in the look.
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Naomi Watts
Love this look. It's elegant yet playful.

  • Section your hair in the three parts - top and 2 sides. Use a narrow soft brush like Goody's Volume/Smoothing Brush and brush your side sections back and fasten it with an elastic.
  • Around the front of your hair section it off horizontally and lightly apply a dust or powder like Joico Structure Dust along the sectioned lines of hair. Let is settle and work it in with your fingers. You'll notice it creates a matte texture, this will help with achieving body as you tease it.
  • Next start to tease the top section of hair at the roots starting at the front and working your way back. Once complete, run the soft brush over the section of hair closest to your forehead and along the sides if you want to achieve a smoother look.
  • You'll have a tail of hair on the top section that isn't teased. You can wrap it around your ponytail or incorporate it in your ponytail and twist it in to a bun.
  • Once you're happy with how the front, top, and back look then spritz with hair spray to hold it.
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