How To Get Beach Waves With TRESemme's Perfectly (Un)Done Collection

TRESemme has released a new collection called Perfectly (Un)Done. Since we are on the cusp of summer months I wanted to try to achieve beach waves using the Wave Creation Sea Foam and Sea Salt Spray. Both products have sea kelp extract which can help with shine, strength, and growth of the hair. The sea spray contains sodium chloride (a natural salt, for example, from the sea) and the foam has a couple kinds of sodium that I can't pronounce but don't be alarmed, we are making beach waves here so there's nothing wrong with a little salt to help achieve the look! It's the salt water at the beach that creates the beach hair look after all!

TRESemme Sea Salt Spray ($7.99)
For the spray I used it on damp hair that is naturally wavy, not curly, on the right side of the head only. I followed the instructions on the bottle and spritz hair, then twisted the hair away from the face (see left) and blow dried it. I tell my friends all the time, you have to work the product if you want the product to work. In this case, you just can't spray it on and expect beach hair! It takes patience. So, back to the hair. After it was dry I sprayed it with some hair spray and scrunched to lock in those waves and voila, a tousled look.

TRESemme Wave Creation Sea Foam ($7.99)
On the same damp hair I used a generous amount of the foam and some serious scrunching on the left side because I wanted to see the results of the foam after air drying with NO forced heat. After the hair was completely dry I sprayed it with hair spray and gave it some final moments of intense scrunching. The results were a light weight, loose wave with an obvious increase in body compared to the sea spray.

Final thoughts - If you have curly hair than the mousse is an affordable option for fun wavy curls. If you have wavy or straight hair and want that beach look (and willing to put in the effort to prep and style) then definitely try the sea spray. The one thing I don't love (and it's just personal taste) is the smell of the products, it's sweet and floral. There are some other beach inspired products on the market with gorgeous scents but you won't beat this price. If you're looking to experiment with the beach look then these are worth the try!