Coachella Beauty Savers

In the spirit of Coachella here are a few boho slouchy purse essentials to have on hand while your wandering through the desert!

joico humity blocker titsup

Joico Humidity Blocker
Apply all over you hair after you finish styling to ensure heat and humidity don’t cause your hair to frizz.
It really works!



No Bleeding Lips
Use this invisible liner all around the very outside of our lips if you are opting for a colored lipstick. No Bleeding Lips will create a blocker between your lip and skin to ensure your lipstick won’t bleed thus keeping it in place all day.

rodieal transculent hd powder titsup


Rodial Instaglam Compact Deluxe Transculent HD Powder
A translucent powder is the ultimate for absorbing oil and stopping shine. It’s the perfect product to keep on hand to stop your forehead, chin, and nose from gleaming in photos. When you use this particular powder make sure to apply LIGHTLY and really blend it in well with a fluffy brush only on the areas that need it. Any build up that isn't blended in enough around peach fuzz or skin creases will show up in a camera's flash so really buff it in so you can guarantee it'll be invisible.


chapstick total hydration titsup

Chapstick Total Hydration
This 3 in 1 chapstick is perfect. It’s super hydrating and lasts a long time. And it comes in a lemon flavor (anything lemon and I’m sold!) I don't think they are available in Canada yet but for my American fans you should try'em out!


vita liberata bronzing powder titsup

Vita Liberata Trystal Minerals
This is a pricey one BUT this bronzing powder leaves the skin with a natural looking tan that lasts a few days so you can apply today and then touch up later!


Happy festival-ing! Or happy googling of photos from the festival!