Yves Rocher - Zero Defaut Skin Collection

The super nice team at Yves Rocher sent over their new Zero Defaut skin collection. Here's a look at the foundation, concealer, and powder.

Flawless Skin Foundation ($31)
The foundation comes in 20 shades and are categorized in these undertones - beige, pink, golden, brown. It applies delicately and has a medium richness so it's not super heavy. For a matte foundation it does have a slight silkiness so it leaves the skin with a slight healthy looking shine. If you like a matte look then a powder will eliminate the silk like finish.
Just one comment about the packaging, the foundations do not come with a lid. You twist the top part to lock and unlock. This could lead to a messy makeup bag or countertop without the protection of a lid if you accidentally forget to lock it.

Flawless Skin Corrector ($16)
The correctors (basically they are concealers) come in 8 shades in beige, pink, and brown tones.  They contain Musk rose oil so they have a light rose scent. The bullet style applicator makes it easy to apply do your under eye, around the nose, or anywhere you need a more concentrated colour. I found the best results came from applying straight from the bullet and then dapping it in with your finger to blend it. I tried a brush and it thinned it a bit too much.


Flawless Skin Powder ($17)
The powders come in 8 shades in tones of beige, pink, golden, and brown.
As far as powders go they cover quite well BUT if you like a dense layer of powder than use a different brush and the one that comes in the packaging. The bristles are long and they are not densely packed so the brush doesn't pick up much product. Oh, and the brushes shed too so I'd say you shouldn't use them at all unless you need to. The packaging does have a perk though, it has a big mirror under the lid.
UPDATE: They have included a new Yves Rocher Buffer Brush which can be used with the skin powders instead of the brush included. See it here.

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