Skindinavia - Beauty Review

The makers behind Skindinavia sent me their mist sprays to try out. Here are my thoughts! I'll start with that I don't like the packaging. The labeling looks like the stickers you'd choose at a wine making store after you finished bottling. Now on to the product. The Primer Spray ($35), which is silicone free and paraben free, is used before makeup application to create a smooth canvas by creating a barrier between skin and makeup. The Finishing Spray for Oil Control ($29) is used after makeup to control oil that will lead to longer lasting makeup. Their patented Temperature Control Technology® claims to help prevent the appearance of shine as well. I spritzed myself and the women I was around today with the Finishing Spray. The feedback from the ladies was pretty good. It seemed to help stop creasing. After spraying it on myself, my skin felt dry. I should note that I do not wear foundation and I am not prone to oily skin so it seemed to have absorbed natural moisture and oils on my face leaving it dry. I would say for best results it should only be used after applying makeup, not on bare skin. I would think that would be self explanatory since it is a `finishing` spray!

If someone was to ask me if I know of a good product to help makeup last long and to stop oily skin I would suggest Scindinavia Finishing Spray for Oil Control, especially for brides who are worried about their makeup wearing off on their big day. As for the primer, there are lots on the market and some that are lower in price. If you have the funds to pay $35, sure give it a try!
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