Eye Shadows To Compliment Your Eye Color

Remember when you could book an appointment with someone who would tell you what your 'colors' are based on seasons? I'm of the impression that this is total BS and you should forget about it immediately! With thousands eye shadows to choose from it can be daunting to choose. I'm not creating a new rule here, for the most part I believe you can wear anything if done properly, but I've narrowed down colors that will enhance your eye color as way of helping you choose your next eyeshadow shade or to introduce you to something new!

Blue Eyes
Soft pinks - Pinks go great with blue and will be great for spring/summer
Grey tones - A classic for enhancing the eye color
Copper - Something fun and playful like Reese Witherspoons' will compliment your eye color
Taupe.- A great 'day look' option

Brown Eyes
Navy - A great option to bring color in to your makeup. A navy liner would be amazing instead of an eye shadow too
Light purples - A nice purple would be great for everyday or to create a purple smokey eye for evening with a darker shade of purple as well
Shimmery maroon - A fun way to use color all over the lid or just the outside corners.  This color would make a great smokey eye
Neutrals - Enhance your eye features with neutrals like Emma Watson. Try a lighter shade all over the lid and a darker neutral on the outside corners.

Green Eyes
Peach - A lovely color for a day look that pairs great with your green eyes.
Purple - A great complimentary color for green. It will instantly brighten your eye color like Jessica Biels
Gold - Most people with green eyes have tiny specks of yellow or light brown. Gold will make this stand out!

Hazel Eyes
Shimmery brown - A nice warm brown with a hint shimmer to bring out the brown bits in your hazel like Tyra Banks
Deep purple - A rich color like purple will make your hazel eyes pop
Green - Bring out the green in your eyes with a complimentary shade of green.

Dark Brown
Dark eyes can literally go with any color! Play with colorful shades or stick with neutrals and a shimmer in the inner corners of your eyes to enhance your eye shape like Kerry Washington's neutral toned eye with a hint of shimmer