Milan Fall Winter 2015 Fashion Week -Hair How-To!

We've made it simple. Here's how!

Max Mara - Fall Winter 2015
Prep hair with heat spray and/or curl enhancer (like Lea Journo's Styling Lotion - it's amazing!), curl hair, finish with hair spray (I love Kevin Murphy's Session Spray), then tuck hair in sections at the back of the neck and pin for a short curly bob look.

Fendi - Fall Winter 2015
Pull a small section of hair at the hairline and tuck behind both ears for now, brush remaining hair back, spray dry shampoo or hair powder (Batiste XXL Volume really works or try Dust It by Oasis) in sections at the root for volume and texture, back comb for height, brush to smooth out the top layer of hairs if desired, put remaining hair in to a bun or french twist at the back of the head, take front pieces of hair and let them fall or place over the ears and pin them back, use a ribbon or head band for a cute retro look.

Gucci - Fall Winter 2015
Curl hair away from the the face, let it cool, brush from behind the curl to decrease the spiral for a wavy look, spray with hairspray (like classic L'Oreal Elnett) to hold waves in place. If frizzy isn't your thing then finish it off with an anti-frizz serum (try John Frieda Frizz-Ease).

Jil Sander - Fall Winter 2015
Prep hair with a heat protection spray like got2b flat iron spray. Straighten hair with a straightening iron or blow out hair with a blow dryer. Part hair toward one side and pull the front section and tuck behind your ear. Hold in place with a pin. Sprtiz all over with a shimmer spray like Moroccan Oil's Gold Glimmer Shine for shine and gloss.  An easy and super sleek look!

Versace - Fall Winter 2015
Spray damp hair with a beach texturize or salt spray like Kevin Murphy's Resort Spray. If your hair is naturally curly then just scrunch and let it dry. If you need to create curls then let the product dry or blow dry it and really focus on blowing your roots upward so it creates lift. Then take sections of you hair and slightly twist, then curl hair as normal. Twisting will create more of a unstructured curl. After your curled hair is dry spray again with beach spray for more texture. Flip your head over and tousle your hair to force some body in to it. Then finish with a hair spray for hold.