Nail Polishes For Fall 2015!

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It can feel like Christmas morning when the mail comes and there's a box form Yves Rocher! This time around it was 17 of their just launched fall 2015 Botanical Color Nail Polishes! The little bottles are the perfect size and the colors are always super pigmented so two swipes is all you need. I narrowed down my top 5 from the collection and for the hell of it I chose my favourite! Read on to find out!

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The Top Five (left to right):
Acajou: It's so 90's! Perfectly in between purple, brown and red
Bleu Pensee: A super dark midnight blue
Iris: A rich dark purple. Think the deepest color of the iris flower
Gris Armoise: A dark grey with a subtle shimmer
Eaucalyptus: It's more of a rich greeny teal then anything related to the leaf. 

yves rocher nail polish titsup blog favorite

Ok, you might have noticed but I didn't include my favrorite color in the top 5...because I wanted it to be a surprise! So here it is, Vert Agave! Its color is reminiscent of the soft green color of the agave plant. It a bit of a mix of grey and green, with almost a soft camouflage green hue. It's perfect for a fun fall nail color! To explore the colors more, click HERE!