Halloween Makeup Ideas!


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- Apply even layers of liquid latex to areas of the face you want to bleed. Let it dry, then carefully tear the latex in lines or holes. 
- Use a white face paint to cover face and neck. This might take a couple layers depending on how white you want your face.
- Take a black eyeshadow and start to shade in areas of your face you want to look sunken in like your temples, above you eyebrows, under your eyes and below your cheekbones. The more you blend the better it'll look. 
- Apply red lip liner under your eyes for extra drama! Spread it out with a brush or finger.
- Go back to those holes you made in the latex and use a red lip liner to fill in the areas you ripped. This will give in dimension and cover up the color of your skin.
- Apply fake blood on top of the red liner you used and let it drip so the wounds look fresh. You can apply fake blood to other areas too like the corners of your mouth, nose and any other area you want!


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Click HERE for my makeup tutorial I posed on Youtube to get this look!


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Hang tight, I'm editing my Cruela makeup tutorial as I type!