Real Techniques Brushes

Real Techniques, the brush line co-created by sisters Sam and Nic Chapman, have made their way to my desk and I must say, I’m impressed! All brushes are made of synthetic fiber and are extremely plush, soft, and full; which allows you to expertly apply product to the face.
The stand-out is the Expert Face Brush ($9.99 at London Drugs). The bristles are soft yet firm which allows for more product to be pushed on to the face for maximum coverage of foundation.
The great quality and affordable price make these brushes a must have! Real Techniques brushes are available at Walmart, London Drugs, select Shopper's Drugmarts, select Familiprix, select Lawtons Drugs, select Pharmasaves, and select Value Drug Mart.
If you’re on the market for some new brushes, here are some great ones to try:

Your Eyes Starter Set ($12.99 at Walmart)
The Your Eyes starter set includes 5 brushes to master the perfect eye.

Base shadow brush to start you off with your perfectly smooth base color.
Deluxe crease brush to define the eye crease.
Accent brush for the perfect highlight and smudge.
Fine liner brush for the flawless application of your liquid or cream eyeliner.
Brow brush to not only shape but define the eyebrow.

Base Core Collection ($13.59 at Walmart)
The 4 brushes you need to perfect the ultimate foundation.

Detailer brush to naturally conceal problem areas.
Pointed foundation brush to personalize your liquid foundation coverage (perfect for under the eyes and corners of the nose).
Buffing brush for a graceful full coverage application of powder.
Contour brush for that subtle highlighted finish or a defined contour.

These brushes are a MUST HAVE.
Wait! There's more! Real Techniques have released a luxury line of brushes. But Canada will have to be patient, they are not yet available here.
See the sexy brushes HERE