Your Guide to the Perfect Face Using MAC Brushes

If you’re looking to update your brushes, and let’s be honest, it’s likely time you replace those 2 or 3 rarely cleaned brushes that live in your makeup bag but you don’t know what to buy then this is an article for you! We’ve made it easy with these 6 MAC brushes to master the face quickly and easily.

The Face:
187 Duo Fibre Brush

This brush is simply the best blending brush to use for a full coverage. With both natural and synthetic bristles the brush blends foundation in to a flawless and natural looking skin.

The Eye:
239 Eye Shading Brush

The rounded edge of the 239 brush is soft and dense allowing you build color on your eyelid. Start with a lighter color all over the lid and use a darker color on the outer corner of the eye.

217 Blending Brush
The 217 easily helps fix and blend your shadow (the perfect follow up to mistakes made with the 219). Start on the inner eye outward to seamlessly blend your shadows.
This Brush is also great for applying concealer!

219 Pencil Brush
If you like the look of a lined eye but are having difficulty achieving a straight line, use the 219 pencil brush to blend and soften your liner along the lash line.  For a smokey defined eye, use the 219 with your favorite shadow under the eye.

The Cheek:
168 Large Angled Contour Brush

Mastering the art of contouring can be tricky.  The first step is choosing a brush that works. The 168 is small enough to apply your contour shades precisely and its soft enough to blend it out. This brush is used to define and deepen the areas of the face to accentuate its shape. Use it just below the cheekbone, along the outer forehead, and jawline.

129 Powder/Blush Brush
After contouring you need a blush to liven up the face.  The rounded tip of the 129 brush distributes product evenly to the cheek. Use it in upward sweeping motion on the cheek for a seamless blend.